Friday, May 1, 2009

VWHPC Invitational

You can find results from the weekend's invitational here.

Speaking of Victorians, current HPC competitors Ashleigh Brennan, Britt Greeley, Svetlana Sanders, Zoe Lorenzin and Tierra Exum attended the VIS Awards on Monday night, along with alumni Monette Russo, Karen Nguyen, Stephanie Moorhouse and Kerby Purcell.

No word on winners (or nominees for that matter...)

GA is slowly starting the Nationals publicity wagon with draft schedule etc here. Lauren appears to be the poster girl this year. On their homepage, anyway.


mistysakura said...

Any word on schedules for Trial 1 (Vics)? I'll try to make it there...

shelley said...

Schedules are up.

I10, Jr and Sn warm up at 9, start at 10.30

I5-8 warm up at 1pm, start at 2.30pm

Anonymous said...

cartwheel attempt