Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cool and Calculating

Some interesting video nuggets (are you sick of me using that word? I'll stop if you like) have surfaced in the last day or so.

A 'guide' to certain routines via MostepanovaFan shows us how Dasha and Lauren's scores are calculated. Interesting stuff.

Aaaand if you feel like taking a trip down Memory Lane via Bittersweet Boulevard, look back at the 2006 Worlds team trials here. Hollie, Hayley, Alyce, Karen, Melody, the gang's all here (I should say, 'was all there'). Note the usually-consistent Miss D taking a nasty stumble on floor. Surprises herself as much as the audience.

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Anonymous said...

MostepanovaFan is great - her guides are fantastic as it shows what each mount or dismoune (for eg) ar worth against the code of points really handy if you want to know exactly what a move should look like.