Saturday, October 2, 2010

Delhi 2010: 1 Day to Go!

It's podium training day, hooray!

All I have heard thus far from a source inside the arena is that, for the last 3 rotations observed, the boys looked good.

If you're not too distracted by today's football goings-on, take some time to get yourself into a Delhi state of mind by looking back at some of our past Commonwealth Games performances of note.

Hollie Dykes, 2006 - Hollie announces herself on the world stage with a beautiful beam performance in the team final that helped Australia to a third consecutive women's team gold medal. She also placed second with an equally steady performance in the beam final.

Rebecca Stoyel, 1994 - Lovely, floaty uneven bars routine that scored her the all-around silver.

Damian Istria, 2006 - snatches the high bar gold in Phil Rizzo's absence. Memorable primarily for his jubilant reaction to a hit routine!

Kasumi Takahashi, 1994 - One of her stellar performances that saw her become the most decorated athlete of the Games (and Aussie CWG history)

One of my favourite moments ever - Zeena McLaughlin's floor seals a maiden team gold for Austalia at the 1998 Games.


Anonymous said...

Word from Dehli - girl happy, accommodation comfortable and food good.
Equipment is up to standard however, the power supply may not be adequate. There is concern that there won't be enough to run the scoring system!

Anonymous said...

Is that from NZL gymnastics?

Anonymous said...

A few notes on WAG podium training...

The first subdivision had a really low standard, with all the individuals competing. Jennifer Khwela was the standout, and her floor looks good. The other South African also had a great routine on floor - very nice dance.

Subdivision 2 (most of my information is about Australia, I'm sorry, as they are the ones who I watched most).

The Aussie girls looked great. Very confident and well prepared. It looks like Lauren Mitchell, Georgia Bonora and Emily Little will do AA; Ashleigh Brennan BB & FX and Georgia Wheeler UB. I couldn't tell who was doing V between Ash and Georgia W, but I'm thinking Ash? Ash did a Tsuk full (I think) and Georgia did a handspring pike front. Of course, this line up could definitely change, but it is the order that the team seemed to be preparing for.

Lauren looked great, and is definitely the best AA'er in the field. She had a couple of minor things on bars, but nothing too concerning. Beam and floor look excellent for her, and her Baitova is improved. Emily was very steady, and I think she has a new floor (although I can't really remember what her music was at Pac Rim). Georgia B also solid, and Georgia W did a couple of great bar routines, and also seemed like a new floor routine. Ash was really nice on beam and floor.

Based on training, the team comp is definitely between Australia and England. Australia looked stronger today, as England had a few problems/falls. But they have potential, so who knows... It looks like Becky Wing is only doing bars, and there are a couple of new faces on the team. Jocelyn Hunt looked pretty good (nice floor), and Laura Edwards' bars has real potential, but she had a few problems today. Imogen is looking strong on vault.

I didn't see too much of Canada, as they were on at the same time as Australia. They had a few falls and poor form at times, but I will look forward to hopefully seeing more of them during the competition.

Injuries... Emma White from Scotland and Olivia (don't know her last name) from Isle of Man are out with knee injuries, and a Malaysian girl hurt her elbow on a fall from bars right at the end of training. The poor thing looked to be in quite a lot of pain.

India was also in the last subdivision, and have definitely improved since the last Commonwealth Games. Their bars still doesn't look great, but it seems that they work with the bars a bit wider now!!

Leotard report. England had the nicest IMO, with a white leo with sparkly red design on the front. Australia had a variation on the usual green with white shoulders and gold/navy swirl. Canada had a sleeveless black leotard with some red and gold (I think?) design. Singapore had a really nice light blue sleeveless number, with white sparkles.

Hope it's a good competition, but overall, the standard wasn't great.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca Stoyel won the gold on bars.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:18 I am not sure what you are saying. Mez clearly has that the video is from Rebecca Stoyel winning silver in the all around. It does not say she won silver on bars.

Anonymous said...

I still don't really understand what happened to Rebecca Stoyel - come out and own silver AA at commonwealth games and then we barely heard from her again. Did she go close to making the 96 Olympic Team?

That video of the girls talking to the media after the team win at Comm. games in '98 I couldn't help but have the same thought now as I did then....the girls need some media training! Zeena and Katerina spoke ok though.

Anonymous said...

whi is doing the commentary for Hollie?

Anonymous said...

That's Garry Wilkinson and Allana Slater doing the commentary for Hollie's routine.