Friday, October 22, 2010

Rotterdam 2010: WAG All-Around Preamble

Yet another early start for us, folks, as we get ready to cheer on Lauren and Georgia in the women's all-around final.

4:30am AEDST is what we're looking at here.

PREPARE: Visit Dutchfan33 OR Gymcat67's YouTube channels for preliminary performances from Lauren and Georgia.

Read this article on Lauren's hopes for the final.

The event start list is available here. Lauren will be starting on bars, Georgia will be starting on beam.

EXPLORE: Gymnastics Australia's team guide.

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Anonymous said...

I believe Lauren has a good rotation. Starts on her worst app and from there she will just move onto higher scoring apparatuses vault probably being a great one where she can stay on par with those finishing on floor. GREAT rotation for her.

Anonymous said...

someone has posted the CCTV coverage of the women's TF on youtube

Anonymous said...

its in a really annoying order.

Anonymous said...

its from ChineseGym1

its posted in reverse order.

Anonymous said...

go aussie!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you are in daylight savings time then it's 4.30am. Best have an early night and get up!
It's currently 12.10pm and 9.10 in Rotterdam, so 9 hrs ahead. The AA is at 7.30pm which is 4.30am here.
Hope we get good feed! CD

Anonymous said...

You know I think Georgian TV will be showing the AA too, because they also showed the men's team competition.