Thursday, October 7, 2010

Delhi 2010: Day 3 Wrap-Up

Winners are grinners!
(Would love to know what's going being said in that second one!)

Some news and coverage of our women's all-around sweep...

Sydney Morning Herald

National head coach Peggy Liddick praised Mitchell's professionalism in returning smoothly from her injuries.

"That's her gift," Liddick said. "I've never got any complaints about Lauren, my only complaint is that she's her own worst enemy sometimes.

"She pushes herself harder than anybody."


Eltham Leader (Bonora profile)

"I don’t care what colour it (the medal) was, it was just fantastic she recovered enough to be able to compete!" said her mother, Karen Jeffress.

Herald Sun

You might like to know that the Lauren Mitchell fanpage at Facebook has surpassed 1000 fans!

Here is some coverage of Josh's admirable bronze win:

Sydney Morning Herald

[Jefferis] had a potential gold in his sights with two rotations left but was let down by a preparation mishap which had the parallel bars set at the wrong width.
ABC Online

Don't forget to keep your eye on Ten's evening news, who will often give more than just a 'highlights' recap of the previous night's events.


nade00 said...

so thrilled! Well done girls!

Wolfie said...

They rocked!
It's so great to see them do their best. In fact, even if they hadn't won medals, we could not ask for more than that. What a difference a day makes!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations girls! You are all stars and we are so proud of you! What great role models for our young gymnasts!!

Anonymous said...

I find it absolutely incredible that there were over 100 comments on this blog regarding the team performance - many of these were negative and focussed on how "disgraceful" the Aussies' performance was on beam. Yet, when the performance turns around the next night and all 3 girls went through without a blemish, there were about half the number of comments.

I think some people get off on making negative comments. Many of these are ill informed and show up the people making them as being REALLY ignorant of what high level gymnastics is all about.

A similar thing happened at last year's worlds (ie negative comments after the qualifications, but really "over the moon" when Lauren won her medals).

Sport at the highest level is really difficult. The margin for error gets smaller when the skills get more difficult. Mistakes happen - even to the USA, chnese, Romanian, Russian (the list goes on) gymnasts. THAT IS SPORT.

I propose a new rule on this blog - if you wouldn't say something to someone's face, don't put it on here. This blog has descended into a place where people feel they can put on negative, nasty and downright ill informed comments. This is to the detriment of our beautiful sport.

I don't know who the nasty people are who place these comments on the blog, but we can do without them.

The only reason I am putting this on here, is that unfortunately there are gym parents who read this trash, and get sucked into thinking the information is a true reflection, or a balanced view of what is really happening.

I know some of you hide behind the fact that it is your "right to have an opinion", but there is a line between opinion and slander. If you made some of these comments in public, you would be in trouble.

Mez - I read your blog to get the bits you write, and all of the fabulous links to various sites. PLEASE find a way to get rid of this negative part of your blog - it is ruining what started as something fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.43. I agree with you 100%! And you couldnt have said any better.
I love the blog, and read it for Mez's posts. I dislike the negative comments...If you wouldnt say it to peoples faces, dont say anything!

Anonymous said...

Yes a good point, but how do you propose Mez do this?
The only options would be to disable comments entirely or delete or negative comments, which I doubt is an option.
I just wish people would be more careful with what they say, you are not going to avoid negative comments entirely but some people are too harsh and critical, they need to think before they type.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 1:43pm, perhaps you should take a leaf out of your own book and refrain from writing such inflamatory posts? Just a thought.

There were only one or two unreasonably negative comments here on the night of the team final - and they were directed at other posters. Most people were actually very objective about the performance. They may have expressed disappointment at the beam performance(and it WAS disappointing. Only a biased mother would think otherwise) but they were objective.

I find it insulting to our elite gymnasts that people want to treat them like 4-year-old kindergarteners. "If you have a go, you're doing well". Three of our athletes are adult women and are at the highest echelons of their sport. Mothers and grandmothers are the ones who (understandably) provide indiscriminant sunshine and light - the real fans call it as they see it. That's the world of elite sport.

Go on any gymnastics forum and you will see far worse. Aussie supporters are actually very objective and supportive.


Anonymous said...

Caption for the 2nd photo of the girls:

Photographer: "You and your coaches worked so hard for these medals girls, how about giving them a kiss?"

Georgia B: "Yes girls, let's all pretend they are Peggy's arse and give them a great big kiss!"

Anonymous said...

To anon 7.07
That is a DISGUSTING comment. You should be ashamed of yourself.

It demeans not only the girls(they would NEVER say that), Peggy (you have no idea what a fantastic person she is or you would never make a comment like that) and the sport.

What is wrong with you that you need to post such a comment?

Anonymous said...

lol anon at 7:07

Anonymous said...

Yeah comment was unnecessary and in poor taste to say the least. I don't know why Peggy is criticised so often, the Australian women has experienced a lot more success once she became head coach

Anonymous said...

anon 7.07
What an ignorant stupid remark

Anonymous said...

LOL Anon 7.07, Shame some prudish people here need to get over themselves and have a little more fun.

At least the girls look like they are.