Thursday, October 28, 2010

Team Australia Meet and Greet

GA and JumpMedia confirm Lauren Mitchell's appearance in Melbourne this weekend!

She will be joined at the VWHPC by Delhi/Rotterdam teammates Ashleigh Brennan and Georgia Wheeler. She'll be doing some other pretty snazzy media appearances too.

Saturday 30thHey Hey its Saturday (Red Faces judge)
Estimated time of appearance 8.30pm

Saturday 30thFox Sports News (Live Interview)
Estimated time of appearance 9.40pm

Sunday 31stWide World of Sports (Live Interview)
Estimated time of appearance 10.30am

Whilst in town, Lauren, will be joined by fellow world and Commonwealth Games team members Ashleigh Brennan and Georgia Wheeler for a special autograph signing opportunity. Unfortunately Georgia Bonora is still overseas and won’t be in Melbourne this weekend to join her team mates.

The autograph signing will take place as follows:-

When: Saturday 30th October
Where: Victorian Women’s High Performance Centre
Corner of Green and Thomas St
Prahran, VIC 3181

12.30 – 1.30 pm

We highly recommend coming down to the VWHPC on Saturday between 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm to meet Lauren, Ashleigh and Georgia, and get their autographs. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet the girls, and congratulate them for their results in person!

Hope some of you can make it this time around! Last year was fun, but not so fun on my lonesome!

(ETA: Travel safe into Prahran, it's supposed to absolutely bucket down on Saturday!)

Breaking - Lauren has yet again been nominated for Sports Performer of the Year! But this time, she's not a 'young' sports performer - she's up there with the big guns!

See the nominees here. Follow the link to make your vote count!


Anonymous said...

omg when i found out that she was coming to melbourne i was so excited!!! but my mum won't let me go :( i am soooo annoyed

Anonymous said...

Cmon mum - what up?

Anonymous said...

Maybe after driving her daughter to and fro to training during the week...mum wants a break and a life of her own!

Anonymous said...

mum doesn't drive me to training, dad does :P

Anonymous said...

Cop that mum!

Anonymous said...

someone needs to find out who this girl is and go pick her up! Or maybe mum will have a change of heart, Cmon Mum :(

Mez said...

Unfortunately, Team AGB does not have support vehicles.

Or a party bus.


Anonymous said...

If anyone goes please look out for Britt and Zoe in training. I would love to hear how they are doing but can't make it due to work.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or has the latest post disappeared? Did you decide not to go afterall Mez?

Mez said...

I'm going. Rain, hail or shine, I'm going!

Anonymous said...

good. for us overseas fans you are the best!

Anonymous said...

unfortunately mum's not changing her mind :( but for those who are going could you please tell me how it turns out or post vids or something?

Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting Lauren to give a shout out to her biggest (non)fan on WWGym? A black and white bird?