Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Delhi 2010: Day 1 Wrap-Up

What can we say?

Maybe I should leave it to the team's 'old boy', Josh Jefferis -

"We’re absolutely ecstatic, Melbourne in ‘06 we knew we had the potential to win that one and it was very disappointing and we wanted it so bad here now," he said.

"Now we’ve rewritten history, we’re the first Australian men’s team to win gold and it’s an amazing feeling to do it with such a great group of guys as well."

Or maybe National Champ Sam Offord?
"It was an amazing team effort... We have had a blast, and winning this gold was brilliant."

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Stuff you might have missed at the end - Josh got a huge hug from Prashanth as he left the podium after rings. The boys got in a huddle and did an "Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi". As the final results came in, the boys posed for photos off to the side of the podium (see first photo above). They waved their sign-holder chaperone girls over to get in the shot too! Sam waved at the camera and rattled off a quick list of "thank yous".

The boys were interviewed on Channel Ten's "Good Morning Delhi" earlier this morning (medals and scarves on, very chuffed), it was followed up by an interview with Phil Rizzo who watched the competition in front of Ten's cameras. He certainly didn't indicate he'd be stepping away from the sport just yet.

Top 10 All-Around qualifiers:

1. Joshua Jefferis (AUS) 85.350
2. Reiss Beckford (ENG) 84.550
3. Luke Folwell (ENG) 84.350
4. Samuel Offord (AUS) 84.300

5. Max Whitlock (ENG) 84.300
6. Thomas Pichler (AUS) 82.500
7. Tariq Dowers (CAN) 81.750
8. Ashish Kumar (IND) 81.550
9. Patrick Peng (NZL) 81.000
10. Misha Koudinov (NZL) 80.550

Aussie men have qualified for all 6 apparatus finals!

* Tom and Luke 1-2 though to floor final.
* Prashanth through to pommel final (scraped 4th place, phew!)
* Prashanth and Sam 1-2 through to rings final
* Tom through to the vault final
* Josh and Prashanth to p-bars final
* Luke through to the high bar final in first place, Sam in 4th.


Anonymous said...

They won by over two points in the end, they did so well on rings, especially Prashanth after the mistake on Pommels,

Anonymous said...

yooohooooooooo Look out world. Aussie is getting better and better. Well done boys. GREAT COMP xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Congrats, but they may have well as worn white. TMI gentleman! However, super job for Australian gymnastics!

Jayd said...

I found channel 10's coverage of the men's gym to be absolutely terrible, and I'm scared about what they're going to do to the women's gym tonight - at 11pm when most young fans will be long in bed. I'm half tempted to purposefully avoid the coverage so I can watch it online somewhere later.

And I'm baffled as to why we're getting the exact same thing on Ten and One. Surely if you're going to advertise the CWG being broadcast on two separate channels, the two separate channels should be broadcasting something different?

I'm frustrated, but shouldn't be surprised, I suppose.

Nik said...

The funniest part was when the commentator asked Luke W how the withdrawl of Rizzo affected the team and whetehr he felt bad etc... the funny, wry smile on his face was priceless! He then said something along the lines of umm well I wouldn't be here otherwise.. haha good research lady! The interview was quite nice and candid- the boys seem really cool.

Re the coverage. I think, like Beijing, its all one feed and just the different commentators- I commented on the annoyance of the coverage in the article above but I watched Fox because I prefer Liz C's commentary over Steph Moorehouse.. she's a little too over happy for my liking and her voice is slightly annoying. Liz is the bomb!

Anonymous said...

Well done to the guys! A great win and so thoroughly deserved. Hopefully they can all win some more medals in the AA and apparatus finals.

Anonymous said...

Australia will also be represented in all 6 apparatus finals.

Floor - Thomas Pichler & Luke Wiwatowski
Pommel - Prashanth Sellathurai
Rings - Prashanth Sellathurai & Sam Offord - Josh Jefferis finished in 4th, qualifying in the top 8 for finals but unfortunately as only 2 athletes from each nation can compete in the finals Josh will not be able to defend his title from 2006.
Vault - Thomas Pichler
P-Bars - Josh Jefferis & Prashanth Sellathurai
High Bar - Luke Wiwatowski & Sam Offord

Anonymous said...

In the AA we get three per country so Tom Pichler got into that one too!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I definitely think there should be different sports on Ten and One. They shouldn't have the same thing at the same time. I can understand Channel Ten having swimming live on Ten because it is going to produce Australia's highest medal tally and it probably going to rate the best. I don't know why they can't have the gymnastics live on One.