Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Delhi 2010: Day 3 (MAG) LIVE!

The spotlight is on solo stars tonight, as the men's all-around kicks off the individual competition rounds. Josh Jefferis , Tom Pichler and Sam Offord are flying the flag for Australia in the men's event with Josh aiming to be the first Australian to win back-to-back Commonwealth all around titles. Lauren Mitchell, Georgia Bonora and Emily Little are representing our women's program and looking to back up last night's team win.

(I was thinking today... wouldn't it be ace, right, wouldn't it be ace... if either Josh won the all-around AND p-bars final... or Lauren won the all-around AND beam AND floor final... and they were named Aussie flagbearer at the closing ceremony? That'd be so cool. But I have a lot of cool daydreams like that, and they ending up being little more than just daydreams)

PREPARE: Search for Aussie routines at YouTube to get yourself well-versed. Simple as that.

Melbournians can check out a double-page spread on our gymnasts in today's MX newspaper!

Liz Chetkovich was briefly interviewed by Foxtel, she noted Georgia Wheeler as a highlight from last night.

EXPLORE: The Age website, Herald Sun website or official Delhi 2010 website.

WATCH: Live on Foxtel's Delhi Gold from 6:55 AEDST
this evening with Liz Chetkovich and Garry Wilkinson commentating. You can also watch a delayed broadcast around 10:00pm (if the last few nights are anything to go by) on Channel Ten, overseen by Stephanie Moorhouse and Dan Ryan.


(Thanks, Toto!)

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Sam and Josh are sporting their grey outfits again (green and gold trim) and starting on floor in the same group as those nipping-at-their-toes Englishmen, Beckford and Whitlock)

Some of these quickhits are coming courtesy of Never2Old2Swing, many thanks for your efforts! Your technical expertise far outstrips mine!

Please be aware that anything without notes next to it indicates that a score was flashed/announced for a routine that was not shown.

Once again - if you don't have Foxtel and would like to forgo Network Ten, check

FX Pichler: FHS-2/1-punch 1 and 3/4; stretched thomas; RO-1.5-rudi (very piked); federchenko; wide arm press; high step to corner; RO-2.5-punch barani; low long full twisting double back, very short landing.

PH Offord: Swings nicely to start but gets messy legs early on. Struggles after scissors, not lifting high enough, JUST makes his d/m. 10.550

PH Jefferis: Makes it all the way through without major error. Scores 12.75. Takes a seat next to physio Kerryn who ices his elbow.

PH Pichler (not shown) 11.2

I have realised it is not Seth Rogen that Welsh gymnast Clinton Purnell reminds me of. It's comedian Charlie Pickering (pre-7pm Project)! Oy...

SR Jefferis: controls it well. STUCK double layout full dismount! Big thumbs up and wave afterward. Chatting to the Brits on the sidelines, so cute. 14.85, a great score!

Luke Folwell does a bang-on impression of our boys encouraging Pichler - A perfect, Ocker drawl of "Thommooooo!" Josh loves it.

SR Offord: Horizontal planche, something, Maltese (man, I am rubbish at men's!) pike Yamawaki, tuck Yamawaki (thanks N2O2S), slight balance check. Layout 1/2 in 1/2 out, but bends legs in second salto. 15.100

VT Jefferis: Handspring front 1.5, tiny hop (out of bounds?). 15.250!

VT Pichler: Baitova, low chest, small hop to the side. 15.300!

VT Offord (in replay): Baitova, leg separation on landing, just one large step back. 15.500!

Two rotations to go.

PB Jefferis: Peach HS, peach 1/2, giant, belle, 1/2 pirouette, straddle front 1.25 to upperarm, tipelt, healey, healey to upper arm, back uprise straddle cut swing HS, double pike.

PB Pichler: takes a big stumble back on double pike dismount. Luke W is on the sidelines.

PB Offord: peach handstand (struggled?), belle, giant, tipelt, front uprise straddle front 1.25 to upper arm, stutz to outside, straddle up, double pike

The LOUDEST clap of thunder I have EVER heard in my life just crashed around our house, eeeeeek!!!

After 5 rotations, Josh sits in 3rd, Sam 5th, Tom 6th.

HB Pichler: Catches full twisting jaeger but loses control of the swing after that, struggles on an uprise. Dismounts with a double layout full twist, looks quite disappointed. 12.700

HB Offord: Yamawaki piked, endo healey to double L grip, healey to double l grip, jam HS, russian giant, full twisting double layout. Stuck!

HB Jefferis: Folwell's routine a tough act to follow for the number-one qualifier, as was Beckford's stuck dismount. GREAT DLO double twist dismount, just a slight hop. He could crack into the medals (England looking to go 1-2-3!) but I dont think it'll be high enough for gold. He looks exhausted. 13.950, he gets the bronze!


Additional congrats to Sam who finished 5th and Tom in 7th. A smashing effort from Team Aus.

The women's all-around final will kick off at about 10:30.

Awwww, Josh looks a little deflated on the podium! Chin up, Mr Frodo, you have good reason to be up there!


Anonymous said...

Considering that Lauren could leave Dehli with 4, maybe even 5 gold medals I think she could be a chance for flag bearer. that would most likely bet he most gold won by any athlete.

I think Emily Seebohm will probably leave with 7 or 8 medals but not all of them will be gold. That said Flag bearer will probably go to Geoff Huegill or Leisel Jones. Steve Hooker was also tipped to carry the flag in the opening ceremony so I wouldn't be shockedif he was flag bearer at the closing.

Havingsaid all that, won't the gymnastics team have left Delhi by then? Last day of competition for them is Friday, seems a long time for them to wait.

Anonymous said...

Considering worlds starts on 16th and I think CWG ends on 14th I would be very surprised if the gymnasts were in Delhi. Given worlds are so close and the illnesses a lot of athletes seem to be getting in Delhi I would get them out of there asap after competition has ended. The flag bearer usually goes to the best performer of the games so if Lauren was to win four or five gold medals and that were more than anyone else and she was still there then she would be a chance. But I would be very surprised if they were still in Delhi.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the gymnasts are leaving for world championships BEFORE commonwealth games actually finish.
I think Lauren is a chance to bring home the two medals and ashleigh may be able to bring home a medal on floor if it's as clean as last nights.
Pity about everyone's beam last night.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Georgia B and Lauren were the first two qualifiers on bars too so she is a good chance of medalling on that apparatus too.

Women's podium training in Rotterdam is on 12 and 13 October and qualification starts on 16, so I wouldn't think there would be any chance that they would be staying until the end of the games.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe he fought through it with that bad elbow of his!! :)
You did Aussie proud!

Anonymous said...

Great work guys

Mez said...

I cringed every time he was having it iced the moment he left the podium!

What a trooper.

My favourite moment was Folwell hugging/carrying Beckford after their amazing 1-2 punch on high bar.

Jayd said...

Congrats Josh, good stuff! :D

For those of you frustrated about Channel Ten's coverage and want to have your say, or even just sign your name, head over to the Ten Forums at and add your voice to mine. If they don't listen this year, hopefully they will for future events.

Anonymous said...

I saw somewhere that the gymnasts are leaving for Rotterdam on Saturday so unfortunately they won't be able to stick around for the closing ceremony.