Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rotterdam 2010: Finals Day 1 Wrap-Up

What a smashing result for Australia! Prashanth Sellathurai becomes, albeit without an actual World title, our most decorated World Championship competitor with 3 world championship medals (1 silver, 2 bronze) now under his belt.

Kudos must be given to Prashanth for what we are told was courage under difficult circumstances - he competed last night under strain of a hand injury!

Read GA's wrap-up here.

"It’s always nice to medal at the world championships. I’m very grateful as it could have very easily not happened. It would be a dream to get a world title one day, and hopefully the day is not too far off.”

Gymnastike (who for some reason have spelled his name "PENSTRATH" which is annoying and yet totally hilarious so forgive me for making it his new nickname) have an interview up here.


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