Monday, October 18, 2010

Rotterdam 2010: WAG Qualifiers

Australia is confirmed through to the women's team final! They are also automatically through to next year's world championships.

1. Russia 234.521
2. China 233.778
3. United States 233.643
4. Romania 228.495
5. Great Britain 224.921
6. Australia 224.785
7. Italy 219.179
8. Japan 218.895

Congrats girls!

On an additional fantastic note, Lauren Mitchell and Georgia Bonora are into the women's all-around final!

(photo courtesy Brigid McCarthy)

Lauren qualified 5th into both beam and floor finals; Larrissa Miller is the third reserve for the bars final. A fantastic effort by our team members in anyone's book.

Lauren and Larrissa are pictured in todays's Herald Sun sports section (but Lauren is captioned as "Lauren Miller", oops!)

Tonight, our men take to the floor in qualification subdivision 5 at 8pm local time (5am AEDST). They will start on their 'bogey' event, pommel horse. Go boys!


Full Twist said...

Here you go Mez

Anonymous said...

Congrat's to team Australia

Anonymous said...

As per the World Championship site Lauren and Georgia have both qualified for the All-Around final.
Congratulations to the girls and their programs.

Robin said...

Lauren also qualified to Beam (she'll compete second) and floor (last!)

I do dearly hope video of Miller's bars shows up. 8.1? Given the descriptions, and how she usually works bars, it sounds like a gross under-score. Nabieva got an 8.3 execution for a rather sloppy routine.

Anonymous said...

Have heard the larrissa was very dissappointed with the score. I've also heard that it was a cracker of a routine and was the same if not a better standard as last years worlds
routine where she scored 14.5 something something. Even with that score I believe she would have made first reserve.

Robin said...

e-scores are higher across the board this year. If Miller did the routine that's been described, she, probably should have been in the 8.7-8.8 range. That would have put her into finals.

Anonymous said...

poor Larrissa. She does usually have such lovely execution. Hopefully this will motivate her to keep working on her bar routine for 2012.

Wolfie said...

Wow! I was hoping for a Top 10 finish. Our awesome team has well and truly exceeded my expectations, despite coming straigh out of another comp. And as for our leader, Lauren Mitchell - she is one fierce competitor. She bloody well deserves an individual medal and she is definitely within striking distance.

Go Australia!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree Wolfie. Lauren surely has proven herself to be the best gymnast to ever have come out of Australia. She is so (dare I say it and touching wood) consistent. When u look back at the Trudys and Allanas etc.... they were all so hit and miss. Lauren has proven time and time again that she can really pull it off under pressure. I agree with Wolfie that the girl deserves to medal at these championships.

Anonymous said...

How can you say Allana was inconsistent when she won 67 international medals, 19 in 2002 alone!!!!

How quickly people forget! we shouldn't be bagging the past.....without them these girls wouldn't have the world respect that we have as a country Peggy frequently says!

Nik said...

This result is awesome- hopefully it stays similar for next year so we straight up qualify for the Olympics without having to go to the 9-16 placed country shoot-out type competition in early 2012.

Would be sweet if we could pull out a bronze a la 2003! But I'm quite happy with a TF place- Go Aus!

Anonymous said...

Allana was great for Aussie gymnastics but I think it is hard to argue that Lauren isn't Australia's best ever. Two world silver, five world apparatus finals, 4th AA at worlds, not at her best in Beijing but has done very well at worlds and worlds and olympics are the two major events.

Anonymous said...

Settle annon @ 3:33. I think what the poster was trying to say is that Lauren is a very consistent gymnast and deserves all the praise she gets. And yes she definitely is more consistent than Allana was. No-one's saying Allana wasn't a fantastic gymnast in her day and did amazing things for Aussie gymnastics, however I can remember countless times her falling on vault or mistakes on floor/beam etc.... I don't think we see Lauren with a weak aparatus (like Allana - vault and Trudy bars) and she seems to be more consistent on each as well.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I loved Allana but I used to get very nervous for her whenever she made apparatus finals. More often than not the nerves would get to her and she would make a mistake, not so much in a team situation but when there was an individual medal up for grabs. I never feel this way about Lauren because she seems to consistently hit her routines under pressure and not let the nerves affect her so much.

Anonymous said...

Interview with Georgia Bonora up on official Worlds site -