Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rotterdam 2010: WAG Team Final LIVE!

Good morning. It's just about that time!

Now, the following link was suggested to me for live-streaming:

scroll the channel thumbnails until you find "HTB Sport", apparently they will be showing it live? At the moment it's sport news updates so it could be happening in a few minutes, people!

If it does work... hurrah! And, fittingly, it's GEORGIAN television.


2:00am AEDST The gymnasts are marching in (according to IG)

I am getting nothing from feeds just yet!

ETA- The Georgian feed is working! I think it's on a slight delay?

IG twitter says
Bonora 7.166/12.866 fell on change leg-back tuck combo.

I can see the girls in the background of Ferrari's FX. They're in the leos from CommGames all-around.

Brennan: switch, free aerial – layout, switch 1/1 – back tuck, split jump – wolf jump, side saerial, switch ring leap (step), flic – layout, free cartwheel, side somi, double pike off

Mitchell: her usual mount, flic – flic – layout to 2 feet (fall), split jump – wolf jump, 2 ½ cossak spin, switch ½ leap – back tuck, free aerial – switch leap – front somi, switch ring leap, ff – ff – double pike off.

AUS a shaky start but ahead of Great Britain. GB in 8th (also had a disaster rotation), Aus in 7th after one rotation


Bonora: double back, 2/1, triple spin (beautiful), 1 ½ through 1/1, double pike off.


Brennan: Tsukahara, double back (low chest and big step fwd), double pike off (step). 5.3/13.666

Mitchell: double arabian – scissone, good, piked Tsukahara (a bit low and step fwd), 2 ½ cossak spin, split 1/1 jump, 2 ½ punch layout (tiny step), double pike off (hop).
5.9 14.700


Feed shows Georgia's VT! Yurchenko full with a hop back. She looks happy with it. 13.833

Little DTY 14.866

Mitchell DTY 14.800

Have had to stop my livetweets sorry. Am having all sorts of Twitter problems!


After 3 rotations, Australia in 6th, Great Britain 7th

Bonora: ???

Miller 6.1/14.500

Mitchell UB: stalder blind to jaeger, form issues on toe full to overshoot, toe blind to clean, non-cowboyed dbl front. 5.5/14.100



stefano said...

I'm not sure if it works in Australia but try this

Anonymous said...

the live stream isn't live!

Anonymous said...

THE LINK u said in the blog is working!! thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

Which link is working, the HTB sport?

Anonymous said...

yes HTM sport but it isn't live... just a few minutes behind

Anonymous said...

Does it buffer a lot?

Anonymous said...

yes it buffers a little... but its better than nothing i guess

Mez said...

HTB + Sport channel is working but is on delay.

Delayed feed better than no feed, eeee!!!

Anonymous said...

bumma dude...Georgia b and lauren both had a fall on beam...

Anonymous said...

Sucks starting on Beam. GBR also had 2 falls.

Anonymous said...

this link seems to be live

Anonymous said...

oh man so disappointing

Anonymous said...

If they hadn't fallen off beam they would be in a great position after that floor rotation. Huge waste of an opportunity.

Anonymous said...

After two rotations: 1. China 88.982; 2. U.S. 87.864; 3. Russia 87.665; 4. Romania 85.764; 5. Japan 84.032; 6. Italy 82.731; 7. Australia 82.597; 8. Great Britain 80.397

We would be in 5th with the routines we had in prelims and lauren's fx.

Anonymous said...

gosh it's hard to be positive when you get up at 2am to watch and they fall. I just wish for once we could hit in a team final and really feel like we did our very best. It's always horrible wondering 'what if?'

And I know that even with the top teams falling we have no chance of a medal, but still, it's just not a nice feeling to back up a great prelims performance with a poor one in the final.

Anonymous said...

Aus beats the Brits! Yeh baby! Take that all the doubters! Aussies couldn't have got medal without the falls, though they would have beaten Japan into 5th. Still, a great job. Hopefully Lauren can work on that pesky layout! AT least she got a 14.1 on bars today, much better for her.

Anonymous said...

Overall I am happy for the girls. I do think it's pretty obvious though that we need to look to increasing our difficulty and being a little more ambitious next year.

We are deffo gonna need 3-4 DTYs on vault now that GBR/JPN/ITA are all getting them, and bars needs an overhaul. You simply can't score high on that event without a high d-score, and lots of countries have multiple d-scores in the 5.9-6.2 region.

Anonymous said...

Just an outstanding performance from the girls. 6th at Olympics backed up with a 6th at a very strong Worlds. Like Beijing, we could have beaten Japan but bonus is we got the Poms again. A team or B team, who cares

Anonymous said...

I read on the IG facebook updates prior to the competition that 'If Australia can handle the pressure on beam they could be a factor.' Or words to that effect. Definitely the bit about them being a factor. Pity we fell! I was upset Georgia and Lauren fell, but pleasantly surprised Ashleigh stayed on.

The other apparatus were hit, right? I guess it's not too bad - the other countries also had falls. But, yeah it's time to increase the difficulty level. As great a job that Georgia Bonora has done - she needs more difficulty. Peggy had her in the 'lead off' role hoping she'd set the team up well.....but she in national champion - we need higher start values. But, overall a pretty good competition - respectable.

Anonymous said...

Our girls did a great job in the comp, with most other teams also having to count falls, sometimes 2 per routine (Nabieva - bars) while the US had missed connections etc on that apparatus.

The Aussies were very solid tonight apart from the obvious falls - the rest of the beam exercises of all our girls were not cautious or shaky as is sometimes the case after a fall. Georgia B did her usual stuck landing floor exercise which certainly helps to lift her E score, her bars were terrific with good shapes and crisp precise turns while Larissa's bars were also very clean with the usual high difficulty, the vaulting from all 3 girls was wonderful. Lauren's floor wowed the crowd as usual. So many positives to take forward to future competitions.

Fantastic work Australia - congratulations to our girls and our coaching and support staff.

Anonymous said...

I think the girls did a great job managing to maintain their 6th position and not drop any places. Sure the falls were disappointing but the top teams had them too and were able to absorb them because of their higher difficulty. I think the best we could have expected to finish was 5th so it was a great effort to come so close. Hopefully Lauren and Georgia will have gotten their falls out of the way now and will hit their beam routines in the AA.

Anonymous said...

Yes, well done guys by finishing ahead of Great Britain you proved that it was possible to do both the CWG and Worlds.