Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rotterdam 2010: WAG All-Around Final Wrap-Up

Another successful night for Australia with two top-15 AA finishes (and a second consecutive top-6 finish for Lauren Mitchell... I'm pretty sure not even Allana, Monette or Dasha could boast that statistic).

GA has a release here.

"I guess tonight went pretty well,” said Mitchell, “It was a good normal competition."
Interviews with Lauren and Georgia thanks to Gymnastike.

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Robin said...

lol, Georgia! "I think I'm gonna go home a sleep for a month!"

Anonymous said...

Let's hope this year islike last year. A near miss in the AA final follwed by some spectacular results in the EF. If she can nail her layout like at Comm Games and get her swtich ring credited Lauren will definitely be in the hunt for gold on BB. A gold on floor seems out of reach but she'll definitely be in contention for silver or bronze. She's last up on floor so that should help.

Anonymous said...

Laurens AA vids up-everything except UB!