Monday, October 4, 2010

Delhi 2010: Day 1 LIVE!

Hooray, it's finally here! How's about that opening ceremony, eh? EH!?!? *furious elbowing*

Tonight sees the start of the artistic gymnastics competition. Our men are chasing a maiden team gold. Insert "Date with Delhi Destiny" headline here.

PREPARE: Read this article and then read it again somewhere different.

EXPLORE: Pre and post-event updates and media at the Herald Sun site, The Age site or official Delhi2010 site.

WATCH: Watch live on Foxtel's Delhi Gold from 6:55 this evening with Liz Chetkovich commentating, and my guess is you can watch highlights around a similar time (or later) on network 10, overseen by Stephanie Moorhouse and Dan Ryan from OneHD. Steph appeared on 10 this morning, previewing the gymnastics competition.

Australia is in the second subdivision (Delhi Gold channel start time: 9:55pm), starting on vault.

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I have bumcushions and popcorn at the ready. Now, who ordered a choc top?


(Edit 8:30pm AEDST Channel Ten just cut to Dan Ryan and Steph Moorhouse for pre-event thoughts. All prayers to the heavens are with Team Oz tonight, everybody's gunning for them to get their maiden gold medal tonight! Steph looks great in the headphones, knows all the facts, rattles off tricky names like a total pro but... needs to slow it down! I can't tell whether or not she was merely getting the wind-up while talking, or that's how she does it normally, but she sped up to a mile a minute and it was quite off-putting. Hope the competition proper lets her pace herself a bit!)

On a hilarious note, while you're waiting... read about who paid the women's team a visit during podium training!


9:56pm Here we go!

Aussie boys in grey outfits trimmed with green and gold. Looking fierce as they head to vault.

VT Pichler - lovely Yurchenko 2/1 with a hop backwards. 15.500, great start!

VT Jefferis - fantastic effort! Front handspring, layout front 1.5 according to Liz. Shuffle backwards, one leg out of the lines. 15.400, teammates happy.

VT Offord - 15.500

PB Jefferis - (Prashanth helped him chalk up, coach practically hurled the beatboard away!) Felga to HS, Felga half, double back tuck, coupla of other things I don't know the name of, great HS positions, one step back on double pike dismount. 14.650

PB Offord - 13.750

HB Offord - Yamawaki, stoop, elgrip giants, full twisting double layout with one step forward, chest low. 13.950

HB Pichler - 13.600

HB Wiwatowski - Pressure here, he was called up to the team in HB specialist Rizzo's absence. Great one-arm full giant. Catches Kovacs, great. Stoop. STUCK DOUBLE LAYOUT DOUBLE TWIST!!!! Stellar! Scores 14.750, highest HB score thus far in the competition!

HB Jefferis - 13.850

FX Jefferis - completely OOB on first combination pass. Double layout with slight leg separation second pass, small hop. Arabian 1 3/4 a bit heavy. Front double twist, small shuffle. 13.800


Aussies just in front with 2 rotations to go. 175.500! Come on, boys!

PH Offord - 12.200, apparently? With a 3.7 D-score? Liz is quite confused.

PH Sellathurai - Looking focussed, going through the motions off to the side. Gives the pommel an evil eye! OH NO! Completely mucks up the dismount, ends up resting on it for a few seconds after flubbing the press to handstand, getting completely caught up and having to try again. 13.950

PH Pichler - two falls.

England starts off their pommel rotation with 2 big mistakes from Folwell... could Australia claw their lead back!?!?

SR Jefferis - Horizontal planche. Cross. Front pike, front tuck up to handstand, double layout full twist quite piked, small hop. He made it through, thank goodness! Big hug from Sellathurai. 14.600

SR Offord - 14.850

SR Sellathurai - Cross. Front double pike. Horizontal planche. Pike hold. Double layout with one hop, does that clinch it for Australia????

14.900 YES IT DOES



The boys get in a huddle and do an "Oi Oi Oi" before hastily posing for photos with their coaches. Very very happy campers! We are so proud of you!

259.050 and Josh Jefferis leads the individual all-around standings! Woooohoooo!


Anonymous said...

Good luck boys, we are proud of you no matter what happens.

I don't think the comment at the end of the article about Beth Tweddle and Louis Smith being kept in cotton wool was necessary, Britain's funding is based on world championship results whereas Australia is based on CGW results, so who can blame Britain for focusing on worlds?

Anonymous said...

For those without Foxtel. The gymnastics coverage on channel 10 will start at approximately 11pm

Anonymous said...

You know it's a great day when Australia is considered one of the "big 3" eh?

Anonymous said...

Lol, welcome to the Commonwealth Games, Australia, England, Canada

Anonymous said...

Pooh for no pay TV....Is there any streaming???

Anonymous said...

Hey the men's team competition should be quite competitive. Sounds like Australia has a chance to get their 1st team gold - go boys!!

Mez said...

British Gymnastics just provided this streaming link from Facebook.

If it does work for people living outside the UK, then my guess is it'll kick in once sub 2 starts.

Anonymous said...

Oh Peggy and her distractions!

Mez said...

GGMB user says a working feed is available at

Anonymous said...

When are the Aussie woman competing?

alanna said...

thank you for the links!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the mens team! Close call. Interesting to see who makes apparatus finals. Channel 10/One coverage frustrating!! Gotta find someone with foxtel to watch the womens live tomorrow so can actually hopefully work out what is going on. But again, awesome work!!

Anonymous said...

Well done!!!!!
Yes, it is very hard to follow in Channel 10, does anyone know what apparatus' the boys have qualified for?

Anonymous said...

Vault TP
Pommel PS
rings PS and SO 1 & 2
floor TP & LV
unofficial results as announced by Liz

Anonymous said...

So proud of you boys! Well done! We knew you could do it!