Monday, October 25, 2010


What a day, my friends, what a day! All hail THE POWER OF LOZ!


I'm told that up in WA, Lauren is the first item in many radio and television sports segments. She also got a double page spread in MX today, yahoo! I am also told she featured heavily on Melbourne radio today (especially evening sports programs), everyone's regarding her as an inspirational story worth telling!

(One thing I've forgotten in all this is to give a shout-out to Stacey Umeh - choreographer of the 2010 WORLD'S NUMBER ONE FLOOR ROUTINE!!!)

JumpMedia have uploaded news segments featuring Lauren from ABC and Nine.

Relive the golden moment again (and again and again) thanks to Mariane:

Lauren's post-meet interiew is shown from a slightly different angle here (with a very cute start).

How has THE POWER OF LOZ helped you today?

Has she been a conversation starter? A bond-builder? A smile-bringer? She was certainly a conversation starter for me at work today, several people who remembered I follow gymnastics asked me what I thought of the news!

Here is my soundtrack for the day:

* Loz Will Bring Us Together
* Baby Loz
* Stop! In The Name of Loz
* Everlasting Loz
* All You Need is Loz
* No Other Loz
* Crazy Little Thing Called Loz
* It Must Have Been Loz
* Best of My Loz
* Loz is a Many Splendoured Thing
* Hot Loz

Awesome article in The Age here. It's by Greg Baum who did the profile on Lauren after last year's Worlds.

''I wanted to prove on the floor that I belonged in the top three,'' she said. ''I wanted to prove to the judges that Australia is up there with the world.''

As a rule, gymnasts don't trash nightclubs to celebrate. Mitchell said she and her teammates had resolved beforehand to watch the horror movie Saw, and ''pull an all-nighter''. ''We didn't last!'' she said.

Gymnastics Australia has a full wrap-up of Lauren press as well as additional quotes. Here's hoping her homecoming makes the news, too!

If you see a small letter in the Herald Sun this week by "Michelle of Nunawading"... let me just say you all know her VERY VERY VERY WELL. *shifty eyes*


nade00 said...

LMAO your song list made my day Mez!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Lapchine said to Mustafina. Surely in Russian.

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering that! :) Also, I have just been watching Lauren's beam and I honestly think she was a little bit robbed in that final. She only had that one break whereas Porgras (as much as I adore her!)had multiple...interesting, it's such a luck-based sport sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I agree anon at 9.09. Watching the routines again I can't belive Porgras and Deng outscored her. They had many more wobbles and breaks. Lauren had a break onher switch half (0.3) and a low landingon her fornt tuck as her biggest errors. Bross was fairly solid. I think had she been later up in the line up she would have medalled, silver or gold for sure.

Can't wait to see the upgrades to come on all events. Injury prevented any big upgrades this year. I did notice that her beam series and connections were changed and her turn was upgraded. None of these skills required the use of her wrist which she injured last year. her leaps on beam and floor looked very improved from last year too. The wrist injury probably prevented her upgrading UB or FX though she did upgrade to a triple turn on floor. I hope she submitted it to be named. I know Galulina had submitted it too but she failed to compete it. It would be awesome to have a skill named after her to go with the floor title.

I would love to see an arabian on beam or a double arabian dismount. The double pike is landed a little low after the growth spurt. Currently Lauren is still counting a C skill in her beam routine. Surely she can add in a D, E or F skill to replace that.

An amanar seems unlikely for next year buy maybe not out of the question for 2012? It's going to be very hard to medal next year in the AA nextyear. Upgrades are necessary tostand any chance, even for bronze.

Anonymous said...

Great article on Lauren on The Age website.

Anonymous said...

Loz made front page of the West Australian! -

Anonymous said...

GA have a great wrap up with comments from Lauren as well as Steph Moorehouse and Peggy.

nade00 said...

Visited the Massilia website. In the press release these girls are listed for AUS.

Natalia JOURA
Georgia-Rose BROWN
Nikola CHUNG


Alexandra EADE
Svetlana SANDERS

Anonymous said...

what's the url for Massilia please?

nade00 said...

Anonymous said...

"I wonder what Lapchine (Mr Bean) said to Mustafina. Surely in Russian."

Everyone knows Mr Bean doesn't talk!