Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rotterdam 2010: WAG Prelims Wrap-Up

Houston, we have a scrunchy-nosed laugh!

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Blythe Lawrence has some additional quotes:

[Lauren] noted that before the meet, a judge asked Peggy Liddick how Liddick thought they would do. "224," Liddick said. And indeed, Australia came up with a 224. So Liddick was pleased that her gymnasts met expectations, Mitchell said.

Mitchell said that she feels a bit more like a team leader, given her Olympic and World Championships experience. "I kind of help guide them," she said of her younger teammates. She remembers what it's like to be new on a team and feel like an outsider.

"2007 was kind of a funny year for me," she said. "Even though I was selected for the World team, I didn't feel like part of the gymnastics world. I didn't feel like I really belonged. Then I made beam finals, and I was like, 'oh, maybe I do really belong out here.'"

After one day of qualifications, Australia's sitting in 5th place in the team rankings. A team finals slot looks VERY very real. As does a spot for Lauren in the all-around final. We won't know final standings until the last session (again kicking off this evening) is completed so... hold tight til tomorrow, I guess. Commonwealth rivals Great Britain are currently sitting above Aus, talk about awkwardness!

Read GA's wrap-up here.

Photos from DayLife:

Photos from Couch Gymnast:

Struttin' like a boss.


Anonymous said...

GBR only are ahead of us by 2 tenths! I expected them to be way ahead given Tweddle always scores high 15s for bars, adding effectively 2 points to their total. We will probably be rotating with them for TF too, because we will end up 5th/6th - starting on beam and ending on bars.

Anonymous said...

So maybe a little early, but has anyone seen any videos go up of the Aussies in qualifications?

P.S - soooo impressed with most if the execution scores for Aust, was very worried when I saw such low execution scores in the first couple of subdivisions in the quick hits!

Anonymous said...

The execution scores tend to build as the subdivisions go on. That said there was some harsh scoring for some of the Aus girls like Larrissa on UB. Semenova fell twice on floor and had an E score in the low 7s which means has dhe not she fallen she would've had a scor ein the low 9s, very generous. The Russians seemed a little overscored on bars,floor and beam.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, was just on the FIG site and noticed Aussies have registered in definitive registration for 2 WAG and 2 MAG for Stuttgart World Cup, Nov 12-14, and 2 MAG 2 WAG for Glasgow, November 17-21. Might they send Simpson and Miller?

Has anyone heard about who is going?

Anonymous said...

Interesting - we beat Great Britain on everything but bars.

Anonymous said...

From podium training, but lovely photo of GS here
also a pic of Loz and GW in the album :)