Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rotterdam 2010: WAG Team Final Preamble

Who's hunting around in the wardrobe for their excited/nervous trousers!?

Tonight's the big night!

Well, strictly speaking, TOMORROW'S the night but let's not get bogged down in semantics.

2am AEDST!
Eight and something hours' time! IT'S ONNNNNNNN!!!


PREPARE: Visit Dutchfan33's YouTube channel (see previous post) for preliminary performances of Team Australia.

Check out the event start list here. Australia will be rotating with longtime rival Great Britain (boasting Commonwealth Games gold medallist Imogen Cairns). They will be starting on beam.

Read this rather cool pre-final spotlight on the team.

"This team is a very tight-knit team, and we are all looking forward to competing," she said. "We are all confident and ready to show everyone what Australia is made of."

Or these training notes from Couch Gymnast (features Australia).

EXPLORE: Gymnastics Australia's team guide.

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Still working on access to a worthwhile feed. If you get any tip-offs, please send them my way. GA recommends this one. Archived videos are on there at the moment. There should also be something available from BBC, I'll keep you posted.

DISCUSS: Right here, with me, live, at your AGB. Just keep hittin' that refresh button once the competition gets underway.


Anonymous said...

Do you think we can outdo GB tonight? It was very close in Prelims! They get about 2 points over us with twaddle's bar routine, so we did well! Anyone able to add top 3 scores from Prelims to see what happens? I'm only on mobile Internet. Cool! Can't wait! CD

Anonymous said...

The GA recommended link works fine or you can pay for the Universal Sports one.

Anonymous said...

what time do u think the whole broadcast begins at?

Anonymous said...

This was posted on a message board (scores below) I haven't checked it for accuracy but it looks right. Lauren's beam and Larrissas bars could both score higher from what I'm hearing so I think something would have to go wrong for us not to beat UK. I will even go so far as to say that we are within striking distance of a medal. With 1 point for a fall, anything could happen!

using the submitted TF rosters, this is what I got:

RUS: 45.799, 44.2, 44.524, 43.799; 178.322
CHN: 43.899, 46.932, 43.833, 41.799; 176.463
USA: 45.432, 44.099, 44.898, 41.782; 176.211
ROM: 44.066, 42.099, 42.999, 43.298; 172.462
AUS: 43.032, 41.766, 43.532, 41.699; 170.029
GBR: 42.158, 43.900, 41.599, 42.299; 169.956
ITA: 41.293, 41.299, 42.125, 41.558; 166.275 Italy is putting up an athlete on beam that didn't do beam in prelims, so I used "14.000" as the score, so this may be a bit off
JPN: 42.530, 40.399, 41.398, 41.333; 165.660

Anonymous said...

I've just reread my last post. I meant we could challenge for 4th. It would take a pretty big meltdown from the top 3 to grab one of those positions this year.

Anonymous said...

If everoyne hits it will be clsoe between Australia and GBR. You have to remember that Tweddle had a major error on fx. We're ahead on VT and way ahead on BB. GBR will have a substantial lead on UB and FX. Here's hoping we can nail those landings!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tallies! It's gonna be close! Certainly beth's floor may give the Brits extra points, if it were up to me a point off for bad choreography but what can you do? It's great they can follow each other for extra tension! CD

Anonymous said...

With that link that GA has given, when I go to it, it says I have to download some microsoft silverlight thing but then that doesn't work!
has anyone else been having problems with it?

Mez said...

I downloaded and ran Silverlight. I see the site now; at the moment it's prelim highlights videos so fingers crossed it "goes live" when the clock strikes!

Anonymous said...

From my post aabove at 10pm don't worry it's working now! =]
I do hope they show live!