Friday, August 15, 2008

Australia: All-Around Final


I'm sorry everyone, I only just walked in the door from doing banking and such down the street. I'm trying to keep up with the AA final happening right now! Am wishing hasty good luck vibes to the pride of Waverley, G-Bo and DJ Sho-Mo who are flying the flag for Australia AND their club today.

Rotation 1: Georgia on beam, Shona on bars.

Shona rotating with big guns- the likes of Nistor, Chusovitina and Barbosa. Georgia rotating with Hopfner-Hibbs and Ferrari. Oh, I love the group that has Gaelle Mys and Becky Downie in it!

*bites nails*

Georgia got a 15.1 on beam, good on her! Come on, come on, where's Shona's score? Apparently she hit a steady routine........ Ah, here we go: 14.625 for her.

Rotation 2: Georgia goes to floor, Shona moves to beam.

Come on Sho-Sho, make it three for three!

(Speaking of Ms Morgan, there's a nice little piece written here about her.)

14.375 on floor for Georgia. B-scores in the high 8's but no deductions (eg out of bounds) to be seen.

15.100 for Shona on beam, hurrah! Another good routine for her. What a rock this girl is! I see another Worlds team slot for her...

Rotation 3: Vault for Georgia, Floor for Shona

Shona's sitting in 11th place at the moment. Let's hope she can better Lisa Skinner's effort of 9th from Sydney.

G-Bo's up first on vault. Stand it up, Georg!

(Go away, Tamsyn Lewis. Go Away, Go Away, Go Away, Go Away.)

14.850 for Georgia's vault, what a great effort. Just hit bars, GB, and you'll have done yourself a great campaign. A few A-scores in there measuring 9.4, woohoo!
(This puts her in 5th for now... for her to look up at the scoreboard and see that must be so cool. I mean, I know the rotation isn't over yet but see that would be pretty encouraging)

Shona 14.425 on floor, execution scores in the low-to-mid-8's. One 8.7 in there. A competent job. This puts Georgia up in 7th, Shona in 9th.

Rotation 4: Georgia to finish on bars, Shona to finish on vault

I hope Shona cranks out the Y-double. If not now, then when!? She had been training it successfully in camp after all...

It's not saying a start value so I don't know if she did a double... but Shona scored a 14.650 on vault. Execution scores in the low 9's, one in the 8's. What a great competition this young lady has had. What an example to set for the national junior program!

Georgia is last up on bars, she must be nervous. It's a 14.625.

She ends up in 13th place, Shona Morgan in 15th,

Ladies, we are so proud of you! Keep the good vibe going into 2009 and beyond!

*collapses onto keyboard in exhaustion*

Oh, crongratulations to Anastasia 'Nastia' Liukin (Gold), Shawn Johnson (Silver) and Yang YiLin (Bronze), our Olympic all-around medallists! Congratulations USA for your second consecutive Olympic champ and a truly 'artistic' one at that!

ETA some hours later - I missed the last rotation of Channel 7's broadcast because I had to go to work. So unless they magically replay it tonight, I can sadly say that I missed the medal-clinching floor routines and the medal ceremony itself *sigh*
In a twisted way, I'm secretly glad no Aussies made EF's because I can't spent another afternoon jumping between results pages and typing like a mad woman and flicking the tv channels over to see if Channel 7's showing it yet. It's too much!

VOTE 1 Beth Tweddle for Olympic Uneven Bars Champ. My vote's now going to the artistic lovelies and the underdogs!


1USALIUKIN Nastia15.525 15.025 16.650 16.12563.325
2USAJOHNSON Shawn15.525 15.875 15.275 16.05062.725
3CHNYilin YANG15.000 15.175 16.725 15.75062.650
4RUSSEMENOVA Ksenia14.775 14.750 16.475 15.92561.925
5ROUNISTOR Steliana14.500 15.025 15.975 15.55061.050
6CHNYuyuan JIANG14.775 14.825 15.875 15.42560.900
7RUSPAVLOVA Anna15.050 15.275 14.525 15.97560.825
8ROUIZBASA Sandra15.500 15.075 14.300 15.87560.750
9GERCHUSOVITINA Oksana14.600 15.750 14.900 14.87560.125
10BRABARBOSA Jade13.950 15.025 15.075 15.50059.550
11ITAFERRARI Vanessa13.950 14.700 15.200 15.60059.450
12GBRDOWNIE Becky14.100 15.025 15.625 14.70059.450
13AUSBONORA Georgia14.375 14.850 14.625 15.10058.950
14ITAPAROLARI Lia14.500 13.950 15.350 15.12558.925
15AUSMORGAN Shona14.425 14.650 14.625 15.10058.800


Anonymous said...

both girls are doing great - bonora 14.375 floor and shona got 15.1 on the moment Yang Yilin is leading, Nastia is 2nd and Nistor is 3rd. i really want for pavlova to medal but she really needs to rock beam and floor. johnson is sitting in 5th.

Anonymous said...

bonora got 14.85 on vault, morgan got 14.425 on floor. go girls.....looks like a three horse race between liukin yilin and johnson....come on pavs

Anonymous said...

shona had a 9.10 A score on vault - is that the baitova?

Anonymous said...

Nastia won, Shawn 2nd, Yang 3rd - Georgia came 13th

Sillybilly said...

Here's the run down-

Floor: Shona 14.425 (12th)
Georgia 14.375 (14th)

Vault: Georgia 14.850 (12th)
Shona 14.650 (17th)

Bars: Both 14.625 (=16th)

Beam: Both 15.100 (=14th)

Total: Georgia 58.950 (13th)
Shona 58.800 (15th)

Wasn't there the thought that both these Waverly girls were very much alike in their gymnastics... by looking at these results it would seem so!

For interests sake-
Floor 1st- 15.525 (Nastia & Johnson)
Vault 1st- 15.875 (Johnson)
Bars 1st- 16.725 (Yang)
Beam 1st 16.125 (Nastia)

mistysakura said...

...what are we going to do until Nationals '09? Australian gymnastics has been centred on this moment for so long! It's so unreal that it's all over.

Congrats to Nastia (big yay for artistry!), Shawn and Yang Yilin. Looking forward to EF.

Oh yeah, we can rewatch Lauren and Ashleigh on Yum Cha episode 5 here.

Anonymous said...

Mistysakura - National Clubs is the next big thing on the calendar so it will be interesting to see how the Inter 10 and Juniors have progressed. Nationals 09 is in Perth and should be great as they have now combined Australian Championships and National Championships together. Ade, if you read this - i hope they take you over to Perth to do the announcing otherwise it won't be the same without you