Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The "Not Cool" entry has been deleted for a number of reasons:

1. I'm generally a positive person. Anger and high-horsiness don't "fit" me (like leather pants or turtlenecks).

2. Though I have a right to question scores and results (as any sport fan does), I had admitted that I am no code expert and therefore couldn't bring in substantial talk of deductions or scoring technicalities to support precisely what I wanted to say.

3. I can't change the results!

4. I don't exactly like what the argument towards HC has spawned into. I'm all for criticism and remarks that won't be followed through. But flat-out harassment just isn't my bag, baby. So don't count me in for that.

Let us move on. I have taken all the comments from the entry in my stride and considered what all contributors had to say. But I think the fallout from this event is going to get bad before it gets better, and I've said my bit and listened to the reactions so that's the end for me. Those who want to see this woman unseated or kicked up the bum or whatever can do so. I wrote a note expressing my feelings, I agreed and disagreed with how it was acknowledged, and now I don't want to dwell. There have been a few results at these Olys that I have not liked, but see point 3 - I can't change them and nobody got anywhere remaining bitter. Call it a cop-out, call it what you will.


mistysakura said...

I respect your choice. *shrug* Anyway, more important things: team finals videos! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=S2VMKBQQ

Hehe, it's pretty obvious I'm a lazy bugger who does the minimum amount of work -- you'll notice some routines aren't there. They've either been broadcast as part of the Seven coverage, or in the case of Dasha's UB, on Yum Cha. :) That's all from me at the moment, but I'll take specific requests if I can.

Larissa, Lauren and Ashleigh are on Yum Cha episode 5, about twenty minutes in.

Anonymous said...

hey- are we going to see Nastia on TT at all????

also - what is the policy of coaches being able to coach as they spot the gymnasts at Olympics - Chinese coaches seemed to do it heaps