Monday, August 11, 2008

Simon Speaks

Simon Reeve, as we speak, is on the Yum Cha daily Olympics discussion program. Cue shameless "Dancing with the Stars" references from Sonia Kruger.

Oh sweet Jesus, the panellists are stupid.

1. Simon had to explain that there are team AND individual events.
2. They thought AA came after EF.
3. They thought beam was done to music because you always hear floor music in the background
4. One co-host says "oh, watching that little girl crying was cruelty. They're pre-pubescent..." when they saw Dasha. Get some knowledge, idiot. I'm amazed Simon didn't mention Chusovitina there and then.

Yes, they had a montage-y bit at the start, most of it was gymnasts we didn't see yesterday. Jerks. One or two shots were of Dasha crying. God, my heart has dropped and I'm welling up again.

Simon talked about Dasha's injury, we saw a snippet of her beam. Her fall came on her side somi and she remounted very tenderly. She did a single layout dismount and went straight into Olivia's arms, bawling.

Simon talked up Georgia's and Shona's chances, and said the team went from miserable to happy when they learned that they had made the final. They were just confused at first because the scoreboard flashes in Chinese.

He also talked up the USA v China, Shawn v Nastia v the world AA battle. They also, for some reason, showed a Chinese gymnast stuffing a vault really badly. Don't know why. I am just frustrated that they had all this footage (Georgia's beam and floor, Dasha's beam etc) and they didn't show it!

But Simon didn't do a horrible job. He just needed to smack Sonia over the head each time she tried to shamelessly plug her own program and whenever anyone made a reference to the competitors being "little girls".


ETA: The women's qualification performance has been nominated as one of the day's/week's most memorable moments from the Games. Keep your eyes on Channel 7 to see the number you can ring or SMS to nominate them and win prizes!

The Age newspaper's online Olympics page has a photo gallery of the girls competing.


Anonymous said...

I think the comments about the pre pubescent girls crying was about Brazil. I think it was Brazil who thought they hadn't qualified.

Even with a weakened Joura and sub par performances from Ash and Lauren we still qualifieed 5th. AMAZING. Especially since we were 5ht on VT and FX, which have historically been our weakest.

Simon Reeve's "little chink in the armour" line when Jiang Yuyuan was on bars was such a bad gaffe.

Sonia Krueger is so shameless whoring out her show. Gymnastics with the stars? That guy was an idiot too " you work to your own rhythem and use the floor music".....yeah okay.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Mez, they showed the missed Chinese vault for the "chink in the armour" remark. Because that's the unkind label for a Chinese person. It was his commentating faux paux.


Anonymous said...

Christ they showed more on that show than they did on the freaking telecast of the sport itself! I guess I should be greatful. It's all that we will see of the Americans and the Aussies pretty much from prelims. They showed hardly anything on tv, I was so disappointed!

I am also disappointed ont that show that they didn't mention if and when Seven would be showing the TF. I am still praying they do telecast it.

Man I was welling up too Mez when I saw that beam! Far out! Choked up big time. My heart goes out to Dasha!


Anonymous said...

While I'm totally devestated for Dasha & I'm also glad that she got to experience some of the Olympic athmosphere and she can now say that she has competed in an Olympics....

Think Danielle Kelly before Athens. She didn't even get to stick around and support the girls. So while I'm upset for Dasha I hope she lppks back and sees the silver lining that she did get to compete and stay to cheer on her team mates.