Saturday, August 9, 2008

Go You Big Red Fire Engine

Here are the results of the Fan Project, many thanks to those who sent things in. I will be collating these into one file and sending them in a Hero Message to the Aussie gymnastics team. Speaking of the team, P-Liddy talks about our goals and prospects here, and Sam gets a say here. But I digress - on to the money shots!

Got home last night in time to see Australia marching in. Hm... interesting outfits there. Baseball caps, silky jackets... I thought they were jockeys at first!

Anyway. Olympics, hurraaaay. *feeble early morning cheer*

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Sillybilly said...

I so thought the same thing!! I'm all for the Aussies wearing some blue instead of just Green/Gold but seriously... with silver? And with the 'silky' jackets... I thought that 'Parachute' jackets went out in the early 90's!!