Friday, August 1, 2008

The Big Push

On behalf of the Australian gymnastics web community, through which fantastic friendship networks and information feeds have been forged, I would like to wish a hearty "GOOD LUCK!" to our women's gymnastics team who depart for Beijing today.

This is a fantastic group of girls who have kept us entertained with their antics on and off the floor. This is a group that has grown close in competition and in friendship and who are a fantastic example of elite sportswomanship in this country. I couldn't think of better Olympic ambassadors for Australia. I hope that they have a safe and enjoyable preparation in the Beijing facilities and a better round of Olympic competition than they could ever ask for.

(And now, as they say, we 'break it down')

To G-Bo, SmASHer, Miss Sass, Li'l Loz, DJ ShoMo, Livvy V and Mojo, have a safe trip and kick the RomBots where it hurts.

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