Sunday, August 17, 2008

No, really - No No Noonan!

Aheheheh. *sheepish grin*

Er... turns out one Mr Graeme "NoonDock Saints" Noonan is competely innocent. I looked at the wrong name on the online Age letters page. My bad. Please direct all vitriol to Ekke Martini (if that IS his/her real name) who penned the original letter, not Noonstones. Sorry BlueNooooooonISawYouStandingAlooooooone for any apparent antagonism. The last thing I'd want would be for him to drop his monacle into his teacup in shock upon opening his weekend rag and seeing little old me blasting him from a cold, weatherboard house in the suburbs.

Apparently Dasha J was on Yum Cha this morning. I didn't catch it because I was at work. I did, however, catch a Herald Sun piece on my way home, basically saying that people were switching off from Channel 7's heavily edited and constantly delayed broadcast, as well as from Yum Cha because the presenters are annoying and show little knowledge of sports (Exhibit A: Sonia Kruger).


(No really, DarkSideoftheNoon. I am sorry. Tea sometime?)

ETA: Well, I was going to say that you can see Dasha on Yum Cha (Episode 8) at the videos page but (for me at least) the sound cut out about 2 minutes in. So let's wait for some kind uploaders, eh?)


Sillybilly said...

Such heartbreak for Grant. He finished 2nd to a guy from Tunisia in lane 7.

Funny how the swimming world revolves...Hackett is now prob feeling how Kieran Perkins did in Sydney so close yet so far. Funny little world.

Congrats on his awesome efforts throughout his career. Whatever he does in the future he will always be a champ in my book.

mistysakura said...

I have videos of all Aussie routines at the Olympics. From .
But my computer hates me. Not enough to stop me viewing the files at least 25% of the time,but enough to stop me from saving the file in any way. Screen capture, streaming video downloader, searching in Temporary Internet Files all fail.
So I've chosen the old-fashioned option and aimed my camera at the computer screen, and captured these videos. Hence they are of very low quality.

Below are the videos of all AA routines by Shona and Georgia. Sorry they're not on Youtube because I don't want to get into trouble with nbc. If you would like team finals or prelims video of any routine from any gymnast, I will upload on request, because if no one wants the videos it's a pain to upload them. And please tell me if these don't work. :)

It would be lovely if this made its way into your blog space, Mez.

PS; Uploading Yum Cha, eh? I'll see if I can do that.

Anonymous said...

Misty I would be eternally grateful if you could put up any of the nongymnastics segments from these Yum Cha, Sunrise, whatever they have been on, giving interviews, fluff pieces, highlights etc.

I also wouldn't mind seeing Shawn and Nastia interviews together and alone after the AA, but sicne these aren't Aussie girls I can udnerstand if you don't want to do that. Everyone has just been talking about them so much online I kinda want to see them for myself.

Is anybody else infuriated that Seven is showing practically more gymnastics in their ads and 'coming up next...' packages than they are during the actual broadcast?! It's a joke!


Mez said...