Saturday, August 16, 2008

On Your Television, Gymnastics Is.

Hoy goys.

1. "Today Tonight" will be running a piece on Monday about Nastia Liukin and gymnastics in general (ie why it's one of the most popular sports at the Games, conveniently not suffixing this with, "but why won't we show enough of it in our broadcasts?") Naturally, it will be airing after the piece on "which country has the sexiest Olympic competitors"... and possibly something about dole-bludging shonky builders who've collectively lost over 6 billion kilos just walking around their clotheslines while at the same time employing underage Tibetan children to screw over old ladies who can't pay their gas bills and are wearing the wrong sized bras while feuding with the neighbours from hell.

2. Yum Cha just did a short profile on Oksana Chusovitina. It started REALLY well, talking about how inspirational she is in competing for her son etc etc, but THEN it turned stupid and inane (as most things on Yum Cha do) as Sonia Kruger and Rebecca Wilson chimed in with, "I bet she didn't get baby-belly" and "I bet she doesn't eat". *sigh*

3. I missed the final rotation and medal ceremony of the AA final on telly yesterday :(

4. They're at it again. Hot off the back of the 'chink in the armour' remark, Yum Cha just did a montage of the AA final using Shakira's "Whenever, Wherever". You know the one. With the line, "lucky that my breasts are small and humble"...? Ridiculous. Just ridiculous.


mistysakura said...

Today, Letters, The Age:
"Coquettish, pretty, pre-pubescent girls in adult make-up and hair styles, wearing skin-tight shiny costumes that leave little to the imagination. Pornography? Sexualisation of children? No! Women's artistic gymnastics."

I declare war. :P

milo fan said...

yeah it would be nice if yum cha actually did something worth while about the gymnastics rather than just making stupid comments that have no basis. god it makes me so ANGRY that, come olympics, everyone is an expert about our sport and what is wrong with it.

also, god the aussie aa leos were UGLY! Imagine if Dasha had been able to compete, placed, and had worn that leo... how awful.

Mez said...

Thanks for bringing it to my attention; I am halfway through writing a reply letter.

Hannah said...

You should know that your comment on the upcoming Today Tonight special made me fall off my chair. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mez, Dasha was on this mornings Yum Cha. I think her responses even forced them over-time ... go Dash!

And when they asked her questions or gave compliments where I think they expected her to go "oh really, that's really sweet", or "thanks, that's very kind of you", she just said why she is that way, lmao. Classic.

Btw, if you'd like vids to download of the three medallists (all their routines packaged together into one file for each gymnasts) so you can see the final rotation, let me know, I'll happily give you the URL. I had them on YouTube but NBC flipped *shrug*.


Mez said...

Thanks Chey.

I had a squizz on youtube last night and found your compilation of Liukin's AA routines. Thanks so much!