Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Give It Up for Not-So-Simple Simon

Yet another kudos post.

I wanted to commend Simon Reeve for his much improved commentary on Channel 7's gymnastics coverage this year.

He made an effort to point out the competitors' past achievements and medal chances in each competition. He encouraged the audience at home to react to or engage with certain routines or personalities. He kept it exciting and, heck, he even cracked some jokes ("chink in the armour" remark notwithstanding) and predicted some scores all by himself. He was quite pleasant to listen to this year, and complemented Liz C very well, even if she did sound as sick as a dog early on in the week.

Well done, Simon. Much improved and very enjoyable.

ETA: Please do not contact me regarding the Today Tonight piece about the uneven bars final. I had nothing to do with it.


Sillybilly said...

Liked his commentry on the Men's High Bar final last night, when I think it was J-Horton's coach jumped so high after the gymnast landed safely after a few landing errors from previous finalists....
".5 to the coach" or something like that!

Anonymous said...

sometimes when i watch the gymnastics and here his voice commentating, i get little flashbacks to my childhood where i cherished watching play school on the ABC then as much as i cherish watching gymnastics on free to air TV now.

Anonymous said...

I liked when Liz called Pavlova's DLO textbook in EF, and not to be outdone Simon said Nastia's double front was textbook LOL.

Yeah she stuck it but I dont even want to know what textbook he's been looking at.

But you're right he was much better than he's ever been before.

Anonymous said...

just found out that next years nationals have been changed from Melbourne to Perth. Sucks big time, way to get our hopes up and dash them GA.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find out that Nats will be in Perth?

Anonymous said...

Yay i hope you're right that nationals are in Perth. They haven't been here in aaaages!!! Where can we confirm this?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think he was shockingly bad.

I have never been so embarrassed by a commentator in my life.

And if he said one more time how cute the underage Chinese 'little girls' were, I was going to fly over there and murder him.

His Chinese bias was astoundingly unprofessional.

Thankfully I will be watching the 2012 Games from another country - a country with proper commentary.