Monday, August 25, 2008

ByeBye to Beijing

And so endeth the Games of the XXIX Olympiad. Page 4 of today's Herald Sun features a photo from the closing ceremony in which you can see Olivia and Ashleigh riding on the shoulders of other athletes and looking like they're having a ball. Georgia and Dasha can be glimpsed on the ground below them (but it's like frickin' Where's Wally down there).

It was an up-and-down gymnastics competition, particularly for Australia's gymnasts, but certainly an interesting week at that. Our competitors have had quite a journey to learn from and build on as we roll on to London in 4 years' time.

Elation, tears, celebration and fear, we commend our gymnasts for all they have been through to bring us their fantastic performances in Beijing this month.

Sydney-based readers can cheer on the gymnasts in the athlete parade tomorrow. Fans in other states can watch on Sunrise.

Images courtesy of Fairfax Media and Gymnastics Australia.


nswgymnast said...

i think the parade you're thinking about is on monday sept 15th. the thing on sunrise 2moro is them being greeted at the airport as they get off the planes (like when they came home from athens) .. at least im pretty sure thats whats happening

Anonymous said...

Anyone know when the WA Olympians parade is gonna be?