Monday, August 18, 2008

Beijing Discoveries

1. Photos of Ash from podium training and team prelims that you may not have seen:

2. Olivia Vivian had blogged while in Beijing! Hot on the heels of Kyle Shewfelt, how could I have missed that!? (If the link doesn't work, type it into Google then look at the entries cached).

3. Here we go - the Today Tonight piece!

Ewww... a preview of Michael Phelps' diet. That's a whole lotta crap and calories right there.
They're recapping the triathlon and sailing results from today. Gold, gold, gold for 'straya!

Oh sweet Lord. Now it's their fluffy 'exclusive' into the equally-exclusive Speedo party for the Olympic swimmers. God , the superficiality and ass-kissing in the room would do your head in! Thankfully they're not flashing a money shot of Grant Hackett's wife's head gash.

Double ewwww...... the Diet a la Phelps piece. Pancake stacks, giant bowls of pasta, coffee, fried egg sandwiches... he's got the lungs of a blue whale but must have the heart of a couch potato.

Now it's a Usain Bolt profile. None of these pieces were advertised on the commerical two days ago! Come on, make with the gym!

Um... 'scuse me? Next we're getting a piece on the Opals fans? Gym didn't feature in their "on tonight's show" introduction, maybe they've taken it out? Wow, Channel 7 is really mucking people around this week. Well, by the looks of it they'll be doing the 'hottest Olympians' piece. If you're telling me they jacked Liukin for yet another Stephanie Rice mention, I will scream.

Why do we need a weather report in the middle of the show?

Oh hang on. The 'beautiful people' piece is tomorrow night. And.... nothing about gymnastics. You bastards! That's it, where can I find Anna Coren's address!? I gots an itchin' typin' finger...


mistysakura said...

Am going to have to hijack the comments page to speak to Larissa. :P Re: Aussie non-gym fluff, I don't actually have any. I've been directed to Lauren and Ash on Yum Cha, and also Dasha on Yum Cha, but my computer can't handle downloading those either. It's not the slickest machine ever. So is the best bet, although apparently Cheylissa of the Aussie Gym Board has them recorded, so you could always ask her nicely.

Re: Shawn and nastia fluff, no problems, I'm a big Nastia fan :) But I haven't chased fluff from them either. Here's some stuff I found on the net: Nastia speaks Russian (featuring Khorkina) Nastia and Shawn interview Nastia and Shawn interview (could be the same as above, I haven't actually watched it), plus talk in the studio with Becky Downie (courtesy of GYMANGELS of intlgymnast board)
Nastia interview

Anonymous said...

Wickid pics Mez, thanks!

Thanks for those links also Misty, you're a champ! I only got the LATimes ones to work and the teary Shawn and Nastia interview after the AA to work. But they were awesome. I was surprised by how teary and on the verge of bawling Shawn actually seemed to be. Poor darl.

I saw the Dasha on Yum Cha segment on yahoo after I finally got it to work, but I haven't seen Lauren and Ash on there. What episode were they? Is it still on the site? I just wouldn't know where to look.

Thanks again.

Hijack over.