Thursday, October 15, 2009



hashtag trend #larrissamiller
- two r's, two s', two l's. Let's get this girl noticed! She has converted me into a believer!

October 14th (strictly speaking, 15th in some Eastern areas) shall henceforth be known as Larrissa Miller Day!
Even England are getting in on the act. Check this post-subdivision observation:

Larrissa is sitting with the rest of the team (minus Lauren and plus Emma) and getting mobbed for autographs! Too cute!

Breaking news: Reigning world champ Ksenia Semyenova scored a 14.2 in her preliminary round on bars. LARRISSA HAS, AT PRESENT, OUT-SCORED A WORLD CHAMPION.


in London at the moment - Couch Gymnast, Sezi, other people I've corresponded with who I won't name (you know who you are, my special ones!) - please please please, if you see Shona around the stands (I assume it'll be a crutches-and-despondent-spectator situation) please give her the very best from her fans back home and tell her we wish her well. She's a lovely young lady and it's devastating that her competition got cut short.

Thanks in advance.

Now, to you lovely internet peeps...


Please send any 'get well' messages for Shona Morgan to and I will forward them on to the necessary Waverley representative.

It's now 2am. Time to send out sleepy good vibes...


Anonymous said...

Lauren safely through her first apparatus:

Lauren MITCHELL (AUS) stalders on low to catch high; jaeger; double front dismount, just one tiny step 13.750 rank 18 (FIG)

Mitchell (AUS) UB Jaeger, toe on 1/1, double front off.(TAAF)

Anonymous said...

Phew...sounds okay?

Mitchell BB ff – ff – layout to 2 feet, split jump – back pike, ½ split leap – wolf jump – split jump, Humphrey (attempted but short), free aerial – front tuck, switch ring leap (bad), ff – ff – double pike off. (TAAF)

Anonymous said...

British facebook page
Great beam Lauren Mitchell (AUS) 14.2

Anonymous said...

Lauren MITCHELL (AUS) beam looking slick and controlled (FIG)

Hopefully she has done enough for the final!

Anonymous said...

Lauren Mitchell AUS--on Beam--ff ff layout, aerial walkover to punch front, ff ff double pike--6.1-8.1/14.20 For 9th place so far! (IG)

I think she is in 8th, however (Chinese three per country rule for finals)

Mitchell FX double Arabian, piked full in, double pike. (TAAF)

Aussie Laren Mitchell looking great on floor - super first tumble, arabian double front, very high. Step out later though. 14.050 rank 5 (FIG)