Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'mma Just Say

I didn't get the chance to say this earlier, and a lot of people have aired their sentiments already, but...

Best of luck to Lauren, Georgia, Shona, Prashanth in his final and most of all to debutante Larrissa. We're so proud of you to have made it this far, we hope you have the competition of your lives and hit when it counts. You are a credit to your coaches, your gyms, the national program, your families and - above all - yourselves. It has been an honour to correspond with some of your family and friends who have illustrated just how hard you've been working. You have every right to be in that arena and performing for those crowds.

I hope you got your special Fan Project package (I haven't heard back yet!) and that you recognise just how many people are behind you.

Be confident,
be proud,
be your best!

You can probably hear our cheers from halfway 'round the world! GO AUSSIES!

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