Saturday, October 17, 2009

MAG/WAG Event Final Day 1 Preamble

Good luck to Larrissa and Prashanth who compete tonight! We're cheering you all the way!

Once again, you can watch via Universal Sports (once you've registered, click on Watch Now near the top right corner of the home page and it should start up for you... once the event has actually started, of course!). Estimated start time is 11:00pm AEDST.

Speaking of event finals, Lauren and Peggy have talked about the AA near-miss and their expectiations for tomorrow night here.

"To come so close to medalling, it will make her get back in there," Liddick said.

"In fact, the first thing she said when she walked off was: `I'm going to show them in the (apparatus) finals.'

Three little words: ALL. GUNS. BLAZING!

(Edit: Ok, one very last word on Lauren before her compatriots take to the podium tonight: Her prelims floor is up at YouTube! Lookit!)


nade00 said...

Finally a decent hour to watch! And I am happy to hear Lauren doesn't plan on going anywhere! It is great news for our team prospects next year....

Anonymous said...

I think she'll be great in the team mentor role too. She's been in Dasha's shadow for a while so it's nice to see her finally step out.

Aus isn't looking that bad for CWG. With it being 3 up 3 count even with the drop in senior gymnasts having someone like Lauren who had do 3 maybe 4 events in final really helps out.

Anonymous said...

If Lauren stays on next year and Daria comes back (if it's possible for her to get close to where she was before the injury) and we have Miller.... all I can think is... Possibilities!!

I'm really hoping for miller to do well in bars final. Even if she doesn't medal, if she does well, it will be a great building block for her future.
I would really love to see Lauren get a medal in one of her's been a long time coming for her! She has hard tricks and a lot of originality.