Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pun of The Day

As told by me via the medium of an inanimate Philippe Rizzo:

"So, I just read in the paper about that midget that got pick-pocketed. How could anybody stoop so low!?"

*holds for laughter*



Anonymous said...

Yay, some news finally (courtesy of GymtastickKT on Twitter)!

lauren (AUS) good jaeger and geinger. toe on full on top of the bar but slight arm bend, nice toe on 1/2 into double front dis.

Larissa (AUS) beautiful lines and handstands on bars, good turns and releases, overrotated double front dis. but generally good!

Aussies in purple and black GK leos, lauran has a fringe! big yurchenko timers!

I couldn't sleep...what a nice consolation!


Anonymous said...

The gienger is an upgrade!

Anonymous said...

The gienger is an upgrade!