Thursday, October 29, 2009


More of lovely Lauren today!

I am surprised this was (or at least appears to be) the only network to show an interview with her at the event?

Scroll down on this page to hear an interview with Lauren on ABC Radio. Done over the phone on muck-up day, as you do!


Anonymous said...

Qualification videos from worlds

Anonymous said...

What on Earth was that second question? Somehting about Australia, Japan and China. It was so bizzare, I love how Lauren kind of just made up an answer to it.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful montage.Thanks

lovegym99 said...

I know, it was a completely random question. I have a feeling it lost something in the translation. I noticed that he was translating Lauren's answers afterwards, I'd have loved to be bilingual for that little game of chinese whispers! Her answer was gorgeous, kind of like I think they are all great and they live near me so that's cool.