Monday, October 19, 2009

Worlds Wrap-Up

What more can I say? What more can anyone really say now that the (chalk) dust has settled!?

Such an incredible and unforgettable experience for all involved. All gymnasts, coaches and officials attending the event are to be praised for such an amazing show.

Lauren gives a little more detail about her performances here.

Liz Chetkovich gives some insight here.

I think we'll be riding this happiness wave for a while!

The Couch Gymnast has one interesting observation from inside the arena (well, she has many, actually. This one's Aussie-centric). She found herself sitting next to Marta Karolyi of Team USA in the stands during the all-around. When Lauren's beam difficulty was flashed: "She kind of scoffed at the 6.5 difficulty, and then said " 6.5? I vould not expect a 6.5 from Peggy!"" Well, you can't deny Lauren went on to exceed all EXPECTATIONS you miserable old prune! Hahahahaha! *finger guns in the air* pyew pyew pyew pyew!


Sorry. Completely forgot where I was for a moment.

Check YouTube for videos of routines, a few are already up. Smashing stuff.

Gymnastics WA says...

Monday, 19 October 2009

The Western Australian Institute of Sport will provide a fitting return for their star scholarship holder tomorrow afternoon.

If you live in Perth and would like to congratulate Lauren on her fantastic performances at the 2009 world championships then head to Perth airport tomorrow around 3.30pm, where Lauren will arrive home and be greeted by local media.

I really don't know how to wrap this thing up!

Except to say, THANK YOU London for an exciting and engaging week of gymnastics competition! It has been such fun taking part halfway across the world. Many thanks to everyone who provided photos, updates, gossip, links, articles and general observations. It was nice to have fellow night owls tolerating my mad, sleepless babblings.

Team Australia did a marvellous job at the championships and can come home safe in the knowledge they represented us very well, and that we wish them luck for their new phase of competitions. Tally ho, pip-pip, onward and upward from here!

Just a reminder that you can still send get well messages to Shona Morgan via

Don't forget to check back in the coming week for news from the shadow squad's European tour!


Anonymous said...

Great job as usual Mez! :)


Anonymous said...

Gymnastics is scheduled on Fox Sports 2 at midnight tonight.

Anonymous said...

True, Fox is showing the Men's & Women's AA (although I can only find one 1/2hr segment for the women's AA) and the event finals. That's intermixed with Day 1 & Day 2 of a World Cup meet from Moscow.


Mez said...
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Mez said...

Mezzie has a job interview tomorrow. Can't stay up and watch :(

(Although my TV just says World Cup Moscow? That's weird that they would show some of one comp and some of another. Oh well. I'll definitely tune in tomorrow!)

Thanks for the heads-up though!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mez...badly explained/worded, but basically there's coverage of gym over the next four days but it'll show one session of the Worlds and then later on in the day they show part of Moscow. I *think* it's Fox Sports 2 that's showing Worlds.


Anonymous said...

P.S - If you use your 'search'/red button function on Foxtel, I'm only getting a few of the sessions, but if you just go to the sports section of the currently showing guide, I just keep arrowing across through the next four days and you find more sessions.

Anonymous said...

Mez - I hope your job interview went well. If we could, I think we'd all give you a glowing reference. I'm sure you would make a good employee. What a wonderful job you do here. Not only are you a great wordsmith, but you are kind, considerate and fair among other nice positive things.... thank you so much for providing such a wonderful service to the gymnastics community! Karen

Mez said...

Thank you, Karen. You're very kind, you didn't have to do that.

I do this because I love it, I experienced such a rush of emotions over the weekend, the kind I'm sure football fans feel (I only attend matches casually!) and it's great sharing this space with fellow fans.

Anonymous said...

That was more of a dig at Shannon Miller then Lauren.

Marta is still bitter that Shannon Miller was better then her gymnasts and she has never gotten over that. She was going to let Nastia go to worlds in hopes she would fall into a medal because she wants Shannon's name off the best gymnast from the US and replaced with her pet Nastia