Monday, October 19, 2009

MAG/WAG Event Final Day 2 Round-Up

Well, it's the morning after the night before and wow, did our big red fire engine go!!!

Woke up with a smile on my face, I'm so pleased for Lauren.

She has featured on one radio station's news very very briefly this morning, and evidently nowhere else.

That said, she DID get a look-in on Fox Sports News' hourly coverage, about half an hour in (after the motorcyclists and the race car driver and the ENGLISH SOCCER). Footage of both routines is shown, and you hear a bit ofTracey's commentary so perhaps the feed is also what we'll get in the broadcast next week!

She's not on BGtv (yet!)

Here's something here as well

And here.

"My routines were performed like I train so I was really happy with that and I know that there is still room for improvement and this has made me more determined. Now I have a feel for it I want more. I'm am really looking forward to my next competition!"

Just on a personal note, thanks for everyone who followed along with me and enjoyed the late-night liveblog shennanigans. It's been lots of fun sharing this exciting event with like-minded fans. I've had an absolute ball, with or without adequate sleep, and it meant a lot when people thanked me for updates. I wasn't expecting that, I only do this because I love it and because it's fun!

I won't be here for the rest of the day to see if more coverage filters in but I should be home in time to catch the 7:00pm Melbourne news who I know covered Phil in 2006 so fingers crossed for some Lauren love.

Hope you've enjoyed the show.

(I'll bet she snorts when she laughs really hard. In an adorable way.)


Anonymous said...

i went in to channel 7 this morning to complain about the lack of coverage lauren got on the news - the guy told me to write an email and assured me people read them .. i dont know if they do but i think we should all email channel 7 .. maybe she will get some coverage then?!

Anonymous said...

They mentioned Lauren's medals on Sunrise this morning. Though only because the guy filling in on sports knows Liz Chatkovich who no doubt messaged him.

Anonymous said...

had an awesome time staying up late/early with you Mez and congrats Lauren, Prasanth and the rest of the team:)


Anonymous said...

I just watched the UB final on Dawukes you tube channel and i have to say - Rebecca Bross - Ugg please someone give the girl a happy pill - and the execution scores for her bars was way too generous.

Anonymous said...

They got an article up on the Sydney Morning Herald site as well:


Anonymous said...

Every major newspaper has an article online about Lauren, which is really good exposure for the sport.

Most are very similar to the article already posted but these two have some interesting quotes regarding the arena and gil Ortiz's injury.,21598,26229244-5005401,00.html

It's so nice to see lauren so satisfied with her results. Her attitude about everything this weeks has been stellar. Martine George had said she'd matured before these worlds and now it's really apparent.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if Martine or any of her WAIS teammates were there to see her EF success? It would be nice if Martine got to see it live.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Lauren (from GA web site)

The Western Australian Institute of Sport will provide a fitting return for their star scholarship holder tomorrow afternoon.

If you live in Perth and would like to congratulate Lauren on her fantastic performances at the 2009 world championships then head to Perth airport tomorrow around 3.30pm, where Lauren will arrive home and be greeted by local media.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Martine was there, however she is on annual leave at the moment so maybe. The WAIS 2012 girls are on a tour in europe at the moment and it included watching worlds so I would expect that they would have been there.

Mez said...

Lauren was shown on 7pm ABC (Melbourne) news and Fox Sports news. Just footage of BB/FX dismounts and her on the podium.

Thanks everyone for pointing out news articles. Prashanth was mentioned in today's Herald Sun, I expect Lauren to be in tomorrow's.

Yours truly has a fired-up Mum who rang one radio station twice today to ask why they mentioned Sam Stosur and not Lauren Mitchell. Yay for mums ;)

Greeted at the airport by media? Wooohooo!

And just FYI, as far as I was informed, Emily L and the shadow squad girls were NOT there watching Lauren last night because they were heading off to Rushmoor. Don't know about Martine.

Anonymous said...

i was wondering if anyone had the start value/ execution scores for floor, i thought laurens routine was better than Beths and just wondering if she had a lower start value?

Anonymous said...

I heard on the grapevine that...

Lauren, Prashanth, Georgia, Shona (has been invited but may now be an apology owing to her injury), and Naazmi Johnston will all be at the VIS Men's Gym next Wednesday for the official launch of the 2010 Pacific Rim Championships to the press.

No doubt Lauren and Prashanth will have their medal(s) in hand.....