Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MAG Qualification Round-Up

Wow, a real mixed bag of results came out of London!

Sam Offord is to be commended for his final ranking of 31st all-around (score 82.250). It's a shame he didn't make the final, but to just miss out on the top 30 at a World Championships is a damn good effort. Onward and upward from here!

I was very sad to read Phil Rizzo didn't hit the best routine on high bar but he has the honour of being in a VERY prestigious group of previous medallists (nay, GOLD medallists!) fighting for a finals spot.

Sam S and Josh J didn't have the greatest of days either but they were up against some stiff competition, and represented their country admirably on the podium.

And who could forget, our favourite little pint-sized doctor-in-training, Prashanth Sellathurai who is THROUGH TO THE POMMEL HORSE FINAL! A chance to go one better! Melbourne/Stuttgart redemption! etc etc etc!

Hopefully he worked out all the bobbles on the podium and can put up a great showing in the final. This is a great result for him so far and shows where hard work can get you! It will be intriguing to see him against hometown favourite Louis Smith.

The women start this evening (London time) and I'm glad to say that I finally will be around tonight and tomorrow to give the event the best live coverage I can (except for the whole 4-in-the-morning thing). So stay tuned!

The Australian Women's team will go through their paces in the qualification rounds of the 2009 World Gymnastics Championships today/tomorrow AEDST.

The first sub-division of the qualification round will feature Georgia Bonora competing all apparatus. The event kicks off at 19.50 AEDST.

Subdivision 1: 19:50pm AEDST -Wednesday 14th
Georgia Bonora (All-Around)

The second sub-division of the qualification round will feature both Shona Morgan and Larrissa Miller. The sub division kicks off at 22.30 AEDST

Subdivision 2: 10.30pm AEDST - Wednesday 14th
Shona Morgan (Vault)
Larrissa Miller (Uneven Bars)
Shona Morgan (Beam)

The fifth sub-division of the qualification round will feature Lauren Mitchell competing all apparatus. The sub-division kicks off at 04.50 AEDT - Thursday 15th October

Subdivision 5: 4.50am AEDST - Thursday 15th
Lauren Mitchell (All Around)


Anonymous said...

Just wondering since Georgia is in the first sub division where do u think she will have to finish in her division to make AA finals/top 24?my guess is top 5?i dunno.Go georgia!does she still do piked and tucked full ins on fx?i love that.

nade00 said...

I think if Georgia hits she should make it fine. I have a feeling there will be quite a few falls/errors as there usually are with post-Olympic worlds. Yang Yilin, Charlotte Mackie, Emily Armi and Yekaterina Kurbatova will be the other AAers to watch in her subdivision.

Good luck to all!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Prash was training to be a doctor! Does anyone know where/how far along he is etc?