Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's 4pm. Do You Know Where Your Gymnasts Are?


And yours truly will indeed be lining up for Lauren's autograph tomorrow.
(Just to clarify, for anyone wondering, the GA website lists the location as the "VIS Women's Gymnasium in Green St, Windsor". This means the High Performance Centre at the corner of Green and Thomas Streets in Prahran that we know and love. I am told there will be signage).

Videos may well appear here.

GA tells us to keep an eye on Sky News for an interview with Lauren. Apparently she is filming it before her media launch and signing tomorrow. My guess is that she'll appear at some point on Sky's sport program Sportsline; it may well be a live appearance tomorrow morning, it might just be taped and appear later in the week instead. We'll have to stay tuned!

I have several reasons to smile today, not least of all because it's my Mum's birthday.


ETA: Wednesday 28/10 Lauren appeared on Sky News Sportsline this morning, live via satellite from Melbourne. She was in a blue GA polo shirt. They showed images of her homecoming (*sniffle*) and a brief clip of her on beam. She said the two medals were quite "unexpected". They talked about her training hours and how she balances school with gym, then she plugged PacRim2010 and said she wouldn't mind having a crack at London 2012 but there are a few stepping stones before she gets there. She even gave a shout-out to Oksana Chusovitina. The interview was about 5 or 6 minutes long but interestingly enough was incorporated as part of the discussion of John Coates' revelations about sports funding cuts.


Anonymous said...

Dual silver world championships medallist Lauren Mitchell has arrived in Melbourne ahead of the launch of the 2010 Pacific Rim Championships.

Hitting the ground running, Mitchell has already logged an impressive media schedule over the next 24 hours:-

Tuesday 27th:
Fox Sports News and Views Interview
Make sure you watch Fox Sport News this evening.

Wednesday 28th:
Sky News Interview
Channel 9 Studios

2010 Pacific Rim Championships Launch
VIS Men's Gymnasium

One on one interview with The Age
Keep an eye out on the weekend paper

One on one interview with Inside Sport
Keep an eye out for the next issue

Public Autograph signing
VIS Women's Gymnasium

Mez said...

Wow, go Lauren!

I feel a bit bad, though, for Philippe Rizzo. I don't believe he got this much media attention with his one gold medal!

Still, any gym news is good news in my book. We'll keep our eyes out for ya, Loz!

Anonymous said...

Yeah poor Phil. One of the articles says that Lauren's 2 silvers now makes her Australia's most suyccessful gymnast, male of female. Philippe has a gold and a silver on HB so I think he's still in the lead for now.

Interesting tidbit, Lauren submitted a skill at worlds. A triple wolf pirouette on floor. I don't think she ever got all three rotations around so it was never counted but if she does do it it will be an E. The double wolf on floor is a D. It would be nice to see Lauren have two skills named after her. She does have her beam mount already.

Anonymous said...

it will be interesting to see which sports get funding cuts. it amazes me that gymnastics can be in the firing line when it has been proven that Aus has the ability to produce podium finishes at a world level yet they will pump money into other sports and build a huge winter olympic stadium with 2 ice skating rinks yet this is a sport that has yet to show any results. don't get me wrong i am a fan of ice skating but why do they continue to pump money into sports (like swimming) that already have huge funding and huge sponsorships. don't they realise that if they raised funding for sports, like gymnastics, then we will have better chances of producing olympic medals

nade00 said...

Well these medals have probably come at the right time. Coates expected a medal at the OG for gym so coming home empty handed wouldn't have done us any favours. Now at least there is proof we can compete on the world stage.

Anonymous said...

just wondering.. nade are you a boy or a girl? because i think i've met you before, but i'm not sure.

nade00 said...

I'm a 20yo female

lovegym99 said...

Really?? That's not what I thought! You obviosly aren't who I thought you were. lol

Anonymous said...

about PACRIM:

Tickets will be available for sale to members of the gymnastics community until January 25. Public tickets will go on sale on February 1 via Ticketek (Hisense Arena) and Ticket Master (State Netball Hockey Centre).

Anonymous said...

To anon at 10.12.
The same can be said about the winter sports (the more funding that goes into winter sports then the better chances of producing olympic medals) Gymnastics have been funded for awhile now and as it seems of late, the State organizations and some clubs are producing much better results than the Womens program at the AIS. It brings me to these questions, Is the gymnastic program at the AIS worth it anymore and could the funding that it receives be better spent on the different states/clubs that have elite programs instead and perhaps even shared amongst other sports?
Thoughts anyone?