Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Lauren Inteview!

Is here.

Smashing stuff. The kind of stuff we need more of, hint hint hint state associations!

(Love that she wants to work towards a double-double on floor. Go indeed, you BIG RED FIRE ENGINE!)


Anonymous said...

LOVED that interview...and love Lauren! Thanks for the link, Mez. :)

Wolfie said...

I love Lauren - she's awesome.

Just wish she was a bit less modest and had the confidence to say that her goal for Worlds is to win a medal rather than just hit her routines and hopefully make finals.

I remember an old Peggy interview in which she claimed she was initially surpried with the Aussie kids' shyness and perceived lack of confidence. Lauren's not shy, but she's definitely modest.

I hope she wins a medal and therefore exceeds all her expectations.

Anonymous said...

She isn't shy but she is fairly reserved in character. She certainly is not the extravert that Dasha is. Which is fine. We love her. just the way she is. Being modest doesn't seem to have had any impact on her results. Maybe her goal is what she says it is. Maybe she knows that if she hits her routines and makes finals she has a good chance of making the medals.

Anonymous said...

Lauren cant choose whether she wins a medal or not - that is out of her hands. However, if she goes out there and aims to hit routines then the results will happen. She cant control placings, which is why I think that she is smart saying she wishes to 'hit' rather than 'place'.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the Australian gymnasts who took part in the NZ Gymsports National Championships!

Wolfie said...

Oh, don't get me wrong - I wasn't criticising Lauren. I just think she's so modest that she might underestimate how talented she is.

The world of gymnastics supporters hears the "I just wanna hit my routines" goal in most interviews with the elits. Hitting their routines is probably the main goal that's constantly drummed into these gymnasts. And as someones else said, it's the means to an end.

But I'm willing to bet that despite what they say in interviews, most world class gymnasts really do want more than simply to hit all their routines. They actually want to make a final and win a medal, and many of them wouldn't settle for anything less than a gold medal.

So for me? I hope Lauren hits all her routines, and I also hope she is suitably rewarded for doing that. She deserves it. I hope she knows that.

nade00 said...

I'm sure she is just trying to keep the pressure off herself as well. In the past few years Peggy has come out and announced big goals to the media before big meets, eg. 'oh Hollie should make beam finals and medal' or 'Australia are looking for a team bronze' or 'Lauren will make the beam final'. I can't help but think that this is not always a wise move.

While I'm not criticising encouragement in general, that tactic of publically announcing high expectations hasn't worked out so well, considering that we had no event finalists in 2008, and only 1 in 2007 and 2006, simply due to inability to withstand the pressure.

I don't doubt that these girls secretly have their own aspirations and goals, and know what they are capable of, but maybe they are just trying to play it cool this year and not think about placings and medals so much, keeping their expectations modest.

Obviously Lauren would have to have a total meltdown not to make the AA final, and I'm sure she knows it.