Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ohhhh So It's a METAPHOR.

Can ye grandfaddah do DIS!?

Ex-elite Brennon Dowrick uses his pommel skills in corporate seminars to get certain points across and, of course, make certain suited-and-booted ego types who spend squillions on gym membership feel a leeeetle bit inadequate.

Action your matrix targets and synergise your interface actuality potential here. Or just laugh bemusedly like I did at the Seamless! Insertion! Of! An Unexpected! Back Somi!


Step It Up: said...

Dowrick is a CHAMP!! He did a 'lecture' at Gym QLD's Congress one year and it was one of the BEST segments they've ever put on and trust me I have been to a LOT of Congress' run by them!! Well done for him using his amazing talent in life after gymnastics & helping teach others valuable lessons in a FUN way. I have nothing but respect for how he's helped the sport of MAG not only during his career but after.

Still looking pretty damn good isn't he?!!!!!

mistysakura said...

Emma's vault from Japan Junior is here:
Neat stuff.