Monday, October 12, 2009

WAG Podium Training LIVE!

Observations as they appear courtesy of Albert at The All Around/KT at Twitter. Apologies for not covering the men's podium training in such detail.

Subdivision 1 (Georgia Bonora):

Giorgia [sic] Bonora had a clean competition but nothing spectacular. Her form lacks polish and extension.

Subdivision 2 (Shona Morgan, Larrissa Miller):

Shona Morgan (AUS), solid beam routine, ro- double pike off.

Shona Morgan doing Yurchenko 1/1 tucked.

(from Twitter: Shona morgan dbl yurchenko legs crossed. but strong and well landed)

And all of a sudden, this: Shona Morgans second vault was nice, yur entry 1/2 on (straight?) 1/2 off!


Shona Morgan (AUS) stalder 1/1 – Gienger, undershoot, stalder 1/1 – Jaeger,some problems on HS, full in off.


G'morning lovelies! I was up at 6am to discover there'd been no Lauren OR Larrissa news yet, though as far as I can tell, PT subdivisions are still goin...HOLD THE PHONE!!! We have lift-off!

Subdivision 5 (Lauren Mitchell):

Lauren Mitchell (AUS), stalder ½ - Jaeger, toe on – ½ - double front

Mitchell on beam, not that strong... v low dismount, fall and wobbles!

(that was from Twitter. The All Around says...)

Lauren Mitchell on beam, her best event, flic – flic – layout to 2 feet, problems on split ½ leap, attempt of Humphrey, free aerial – front tuck. Double turn in attitude, switch ring leap – back tuck, ff – ff – double pike off low

Back to Twitter:

Love the AUS Leo, sooo sparkly! mitchell's second beam routine much better! getting a feel for the podium!

And now, quite cruelly, I have to disappear again to my place of business. Stay tuned, chat amongst yerselves, I'll do my best to cover MAG prelims when they start (no guarantees).

ETA LATER: Apparently Lauren did a so-so double Yurchenko vault and we believe the observations about Shona on bars were actually about Larrissa.

For good measure, a Twitter shout-out:

Mitchell looks good on floor, great choreo!

And speaking of the marvellous Miss Miller, thanks to the person who pointed this photo out to me:
I do love that Oly prelims leo.

Men's qualification kicks off tonight (AEDST), so take note of the following times (thanks, GA!)

he first sub-division of the qualification round will feature both Sam Simpson and Josh Jefferis. The event kicks off at 19.50EDST

Sub division 1:
Sam Simpson (Pommel Horse)
Josh Jefferis (Rings)
Josh Jefferis (Vault)
Josh Jefferis (Parallel Bars)

The second sub-division will feature Sam Offord who will be contesting a position in the All-Around final. The second sub-division kicks off at 0.30am EDST - Wednesday 14th October

Sub division 2:
Sam Offord (All-Around)

The third sub-division will feature Sam Simpson, Prashanth Sellathurai and Philippe Rizzo. The third sub-division kicks off at 4.00am EDST - Wednesday 14th October

Sub division 3:
Sam Simpson (Floor)
Prashanth Sellathurai (Pommel Horse)
Prashanth Sellathurai (Rings)
Sam Simpson (Vault)
Philippe Rizzo (Horizontal Bar)


Anonymous said...

Surprising as I think Georgia has very good polish and extension. Just look at her wolf jump on beam.

Anonymous said...

I kinda know what he means re Georgia, but I would also say the same about the majority of the competitors. Not excusing any of them, of course.

Georgia at least brings some personality, courage, strength, determination and consistency along with the occasional form issues.

Anyway, sounds like she had a solid podium, which is fantastic! And especially encouraging when you consider she is coming abck from injury.

Go Georgia! (And Shona, Lauren and Larissa! And boys!)

Anonymous said...

'Shona Morgan doing Yurchenko 1/1 tucked'

I am hoping this isn't her actual vault, since she was doing harder vaults out of shape earlier in the year.

If it is, I am really surprised she said her realistic goal is vault finals, because there is absolutely no way you could ever make a world final with such a low-valued vault. It's only worth a 4.4.

Anonymous said...

· Shona Morgan doing Yurchenko 1/1 tucked.

So it seems Shona has downgraded further, and is competing a tucked yurchenko full as her main vault!

Anonymous said...

Shona is doing DTYs. The tucked full was most likely a warm up vault.

Her DTY is mentioned here.

Mez said...

Thanks guys, I got the tweet just now. Updated the post.

Beddy byes very soon!

Anonymous said...

It's so weird that she said in the GA interview she was 'excited to show off my new vaults' - maybe she got injured since then or something?

I can't see that someone like Shona would be excited to show off a drastic downgrade.

I mean, a 4.4 isn't world class at all, that's more like International 10 level, and it's weird that Peggy would even put her on that event at that standard. She made a point earlier in the year about showing nothnig short of world class performances.

There must be a reason of some sort.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up about the DTY! How exciting that she finally is showing it!

Anonymous said...

apparently shonas second vault (according to twitter) is RO 1/2 on layout 1/2 off!

Mez said...



I'm getting the tweets.


Anonymous said...

We are excited and like to discuss. She's got a very good chance for vaulting finals now I think. I am so relieved it is not a tucked yurchenko full.

Anonymous said...

The second vault.... is that the same vault that Pavlova used to do?


P.S - Super excited for the Aussie girls to be having solid podium training :)

Mez said...

Just sayin'!

I'm posting what your posting! Didn't want to double up!

The only thing I won't be updating live is Lauren's subdivision but I will be on it quick-smart in the morning.

You can also discuss developments at length in the Aussie Gym Message Board. That site allows for more prolonged threads.

Mez said...


lovegym99 said...

yes it does. Unfortunately noone has really posted there since the Olympics from what I can tell. Threads start every now and then and die out. The last thread was started (by you Mez) on the 1st Oct and responded to by Wolfie and that's it. what can I say? You're where it's at girl! Please don't stop us commenting in here??? please?? Or everyone - go to the Australian gymnastics board to continue the discussion.

Anonymous said...

I vote we keep it here. If nothing else Mez, it'll be something nice to wake up to tomorrow! All this news of solid podium training! :) I'm so pleased we've recieved such positive reports so far!

Mez said...

I' completely fine with discussion but I thought if it was going to turn into a 50+ back and forth comment situation, it'd be best to shift it over as quickly as possible, for the sake of continuity and for the sake of my inbox's capacity for notifications!


We're here now. Never mind. :)

Anonymous said...

And the all-important fashion report... Aussie girls wearing Olympics (prelims?) leos- green body, gold swirls on chest, white sleeves. Guess the new red one is being saved for prelims.

Anonymous said...

Lauren - DTY crossed legs, big steps to side.

She doesn't sound as good as I expected.

Anonymous said...

Well, the DTY is brand new, after all (and a fantastic upgrade for Lauren!).

I think she sounds pretty strong, but perhaps not consistent yet with her new program.

This experience is exactly what she needs!

Go Lauren!

I really want to hear how Larissa went, too.

Anonymous said...

Larissa photo:

She is one pretty girl!

Anonymous said... was cut off. I've tried to upload to ImageShack instead:

Don't know what a short link is, but here:

Let me know if I'm breaking any rules here!


Anonymous said...

Go shona!if shona really is doing a ro half on layout half off vault as a 2nd i will be so f#*king impressed!

nade00 said...

Shona is not doing bars, so the report about Shona's bars was really Larrissa. They must have been watching from far away.

I hope Lauren did not take out her 2.5 twist punch layout, it is odd that all her other tumbles were mentioned but not that one.

I am very nervous about her beam - It just doesn't sound like she's all that confident with it yet, but fingers crossed.

A double attitude turn will be extremely difficult to hit under pressure, so it will be interesting to see how she does it.

I don't know why she is competing so many dance skills though. She could stick with the switch ring, the squat turn and choose one of the switch half/attitude turn, because she only needs 3 dance for DV and by the sounds of it neither skill is for connection bonus.

Maybe it is compensation in case one gets downgraded, but why would you want the deductions really?

However, a very wise decision removing that pike front IMO.

Wolfie said...

There is a current post on the Aussie gym board asking fans what they'd like to see happen with the Aussie board. e.g. Is it the right time to close it down?, etc.

I realise Worlds podium training is a much more interesting discussion topic, but please, I urge you to post a comment about your wishes for the future of the Aussie gym board in the relevant thread. :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Nade! I hadn't thought of Shona being mistaken for Larissa.

No mention of the Adler, but still encouraging for Larissa's first worlds.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the bar routine described is Larrissa's. The beam routine, however, is not. As far as I know Larrissa doesn't do a double pike dismount. She has a 2.5 twist.

Anonymous said...

From TAAF:

Jeffereis (AUS) R planche to maltese, cross, upriseto maltese, front giant, front double pike – double front, good control, back giant, double twisting double layout.

Anonymous said...

Yes, what happened was, Larrissa and Shona were sharing the 4 events, Shona BB/VT, Larrissa UB, so they trained in the same subdivision. The author of the quick hits watched Shona's routines first, and must have just assumed it was also her on bars in the last rotation. Larrissa only did bars, Shona only did beam and vault.

Getting nervous for Philippe and Prashanth! Daniel Keatings from GBR just bombed on pommels so there is one contender out of the way.

Anonymous said...

inside gymnastics picks lauren to do a repeat of netty in 2005 and take home aa bronze!I agree i think if she hits shes in with a great shot considering the weak field and her upgraded vault.Doesnt matter if she hits i ll be happy whatever the result.Think shes great:)

Anonymous said...

I want Lauren to really show that she can go out there, be confident, and hit her routines. Of course we will still love her if she doesn't, but I think at this point in her career she will probably not be satisfied if she can't go 4/4. She is past the 'just for experience' stage now.

Anonymous said...

Definitely. Lauren totally has success within her grasp, it's just a matter of her hitting like she did at nationals. I reckon her floor is her strength right now - that observer wasn't wrong about that great choreography...her routine has really matured and got so much better and really grown on me since the olympics - and of course she is lovely on beam but the wobbles spoil what is such a nice looking routine otherwise. I hope she has got her niggles out from podium training and is feeling really recovered from her injuries and is ready to blow everyone one away. I don't think she wouldve upgraded so much for such a major competition if she wasn't ready/couldn't handle it. And you guys are right, she has the experience under her belt now - hopefully she can use it to her advantage!

I'm so excited for her, and for all our girls! I really really hope they have good experiences. I was just thinking along the same lines of inside gymnastics myself the other day and thinking how great our last post olympics worlds was...I hope this one is just as good!


Anonymous said...

cook me in a pie!

dip me in that chillie sauce!