Monday, October 26, 2009

Feelin' the Gym Love

Lauren and Prashanth are hitting Melbourne!

World championships medallists Lauren Mitchell and Prashanth Sellathurai will be in Melbourne this Wednesday for the official launch of the 2010 Pacific Rim Championships.

Fresh from their participation in the 2009 World Championships, Mitchell and Sellathurai will be joined by Georgia Bonora and 2009 national rhythmic champion Naazmi Johnston at the VIS Men's Gymnasium from 11am this Wednesday. The launch is an invite only event, with Lauren fulfilling a range of media commitments whilst in Melbourne and then jetting back home to Perth in order to take her final exams.

Lauren will be in attendance at the VIS Women's gymnasium on this Wednesday to sign autographs. Members of the gymnastics community and fans in general can pass on their words of congratulations to Lauren and even get a signed autograph. Mitchell will be at the VIS Women's Gym from 3.30pm - 4.30pm this Wednesday the 28th October. The autograph signing is open to the public but limited to one hour, so get in quick.

The VIS Women's Gymnasium is located in Green St, Windsor.


Mind you, my body must KNOW when there's exciting gymnastics things on and chances for meet-and-greets. I always catch a cold!

2005 AUS v CHN, and the Aussie team did a signing after the competition: sick.

2006 Commonwealth Games TF: sick.

2007 Nationals AA: sick.

2008 Olympic Welcome Home Parade: extremely sick.

2009, where I discover there is to be a post-Worlds autograph session, and it's the day before my job interview: sick!


Anonymous said...

Arrrrghhhhh! WHY do I have to be working that day?

Lauren (or anyone connected to Lauren who could pass this on): sorry I can't be there, but CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Love you and your gymnastics to pieces!

Anonymous said...

BTW, thank YOU, Mex, for letting us know about this event, and as always for your general blogging fabulousness!


Mez said...

I'm working as well, but might JUST make it in time if I get a good run on the train...

Anonymous said...

I finish work at 3.30, but I have to come from no chance, really. What a shame!

nade00 said...

I am a student at the Swinburne Design Faculty in the adjacent building to VWHPC- but I have a really important class from 3.30-5.30 on Wednesday! That's dodgy luck for sure.

Anonymous said...

nade, are you male or female?