Saturday, October 17, 2009

MAG/WAG Event Final Day 1 LIVE!

11:00pm AEDST at Universal Sports.

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The feed begins! Tracey and (Adam?) discuss Larrissa's prospects for uneven bars silverware. Tracey is positive.
In comes an Australian male commentator. Didn't catch his name though. Start list for MAG floor is flashed. Hope my feed works better than it did last night! *cross fingers*

It is working well so far, just the odd bit of buffering, Huwway!

Still haven't got the name of the guest Aussie male commentator but thus far have deduced he was a competitor in the 70's. Aha! John something (surely not John Hart!)

It's just frustrating? The way he keeps upwardly inflecting? When he's not actually asking a question?

Aaaanyway, catch you back when the Aussie-centric events are on.


Prashanth on pommel, let's see if her can master those nerves!

Away we go...

He's so teeny he was dwarfed by other competitors at march-in. I thought he wasn't there!

The announcer mangled his name :( Big cheer for Louis Smith who is up first.

Oh no, Smitty! He succumbs to pressure and falls after a form break, crowd is gutted but spurs him on to finish it. Sits on floor a la Beth 2006 Worlds. Nice pat on back from Slovenian coach.


It's Prash Time!

Ok, my heart was racing. Couple of little form breaks might cost him!

Shakes hands with fellow finallists, commentators say it could be good for bronze with one competitor left.


Prashanth Sellathurai – scissors, Russians on the centre of the pommel, work on one pmmel, slight form break after stoclki, Wu Guonian, Russians on one side, Magyar, Sivado, 1/1 pirouette. Good routine.




Go you teeny weeny good thing! We are so proud!


Now, WAG bars final! No time to waste!

Larrissa in black AA leo, hair in bun. Tallest girl there?

Revels in her salute to crowd, so chuffed! Such a big moment for her.

A couple of girls before her have had bobbles but Tsurumi and He show, as expected, pretty flawless efforts.

Time to get swinging...

Dammit, screen froze halfway through. No major dramas, nice handstands, STUCK DISMOUNT a la Dasha in bars final at Bejing test event. Great stuff! Big smile.

Larrissa Miller – inside stalder 1/1 – Gienger, undershoot. Overshoot, inside stalder ½ - Jaeger,inside stalder, full in.

14.575, into 4th so far.

Bloody well done, Rissa!!! Way to hit it! The dismount was amazing!

ETA: She ended up 7th. Apparently an enquiry is being lodged into her score.

Stay tuned for Prash's medal presentation after MAG rings!


Anonymous said...

yiew!! dragalescu is back at #1 where he belongs!!

Anonymous said...

vault final just finished - Shona probably would have had a shot at a medal because Hong fell on both vaults and Dufournet got bronze with a Y1.5 and layout pod.

Anonymous said...

hell yeh GO PRASHANTH!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrat's Prashanth on your bronse medal

nade00 said...

Yay! well done Prashanth!

Anonymous said...

pity lauren didnt have a 2nd vault she could of won

Anonymous said...

The male commentator is John Curtin from Queensland.

Anonymous said...

They didn't credit Larrissa with 6.1 like in quals, only 5.9. Apparently they lodged an inquiry but obviously it was rejected - if she had got the 6.1 she would have won bronze.

Some seriously unlucky close calls this week for the Aussies

nade00 said...

It seems the stars are just not aligning for the Aussie WAGs as we hoped - apparently Larrissa did not get credit for overshoot to handstand, which cost her the bronze. I don't know how many more of these close calls I can take!

Anonymous said...

Ok I can certainly see why they wouldnt have counted her Shoot to hstnd BUT... her SV on quals was 6.3, missing shoot handstand would make SV 6.1. I dont understand what else didnt count everything... to me... was flawless... could be biased but I saw no other mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Are the beam and floor finals tomorrow night?

Anonymous said...

I think Her prelim D score was a 6.1. She didnt get the overshoot to HS credited so it went down to 5.9 in the finals. If it had been credited she'ld have gotten bronze. That's 2 bronze medals that Aus has lost by a small margin with somewhat dubious judging too.