Saturday, October 17, 2009

WAG All-Around Final Round-Up

In the end, someone has to get 4th and if it wasn't Lauren it would've been someone else, and fans in some other corner of the globe would be comiserating-celebrating like we have been.

Lauren, you just made the SECOND-BEST EVER FINISH AT A WORLDS BY AN AUSTRALIAN, THE BEST EVER FINISH BY A WEST AUSTRALIAN. And to do it all after a prolonged injury period and Bejing disappointments and a teammate getting injured, we're so very proud with what you achieved. FOURTH IN THE WORLD.




Hopefully getting pipped at the post fires her up for beam and floor finals, she had a great showing on beam today. And heck, maybe Dasha will be inspired to keep working when she's recovered and go on to better that result...

Chin up, Lauren, you made a great effort in front of crowds and cameras and a bucketload of pressure! Good luck for your remaining finals!

ETA: Thanks to one speedy YouTube user, you can now watch the all-around back in quite good quality! Courtesy of Chinese tv, the first video (Lauren appears straight away) is here.

Photos courtesy Gymnstands and Reuters.


Anonymous said...

She may have missed the medals but Lauren definitely had the best leo. So classy with the black but the pink and blue really add a little spark to it.

Anonymous said...

Lets also remember that this is Lauren's first time at making an AA final at Worlds (correct me if I'm wrong I'm pretty sure she said in an interview she wanted to make the AA final cause she hadn't done so before)... so first time in the aa final and she gets fourth... well done!!! Just wait until next year :)

Jen said...

I was pulling for Lauren for the bronze. I thought Koko was great, and naturally my American fanny was hoping for a 1,2 finish for our girls, but I really like Lauren's gymnastics. I believe she has something special, and I'm thrilled for her to have kicked ass the way she did.


Step It Up: said...

Loving the leos! Yes yes it's in our 'National' colours of purple/pink BUT this time it's bearable due to the simple black. Very nice. And yay for Loz. This should serve as a huge confidence boost for ALL the Aussies girls leading into CWG's and beyond. We can't let that grip on the Team Gold slip girls!!! Ours since what.. 1998? So keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I think Lauren did a fabulous job. I'm American as well so I was pulling for Bross and Sloan but I really really wanted to see Lauren get a medal. So friggin close! She should be super proud of the job she did. I agree with the person who commented saying that 4th place in her first AA final - definately is well done! :D