Friday, October 16, 2009

WAG All-Around Final Preamble

Set your world clocks to 4:30am Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time and keep one eye on this little corner of the web world. Universal Sports will be streaming the event online a) live and b) free!

I will do my best to stir from a slumber and cover as much of the event as possible. I must confess I've never really utilised live web streaming of gymnastics before; it didn't quite work for me for Beijing last year but I will definitely try this time around!

I will put results and quick hits here when possible as well.

See the all-around draw here.

Don't forget the smashing quickhits at The All Around and Twitter (Ollie Williams, GymnasticKT and International Gymnast).

Lauren's first event will be vault and she will be the very first gymnast up, just like (and I think we'll be hearing this comparison a lot tonight) Monette Russo in 2005.


Two interesting observations about Miss Mitchell courtesy of The Couch Gymnast who was in the arena:

* Lauren Mitchell. Good girl! While so many big guns (including Bross) were really unsteady all day Mitchell was solid. She came out so late in the day, held that beam routine together and was generally great all around.
(I think she had a bleeding rip that she took to beam though, because they rushed around to clean up the beam after she performed!!)
And two event finals?! I am buzzing with proud right now.

* Can I just say how hilarious it was to hear Martha Karolyi saying to her companion behind me as she watched Lauren Mitchell's floor ex "I don't know vot eet eez. She eez not fantastics, but zer is somezing about her zo good" !!!!!!

Just as a sidenote, big thanks to the people in the US who sent me 'get well' messages for Shona. Please keep them coming, they're lovely, and I am sure she will appreciate them a great deal.


nade00 said...

I had problems with the Beijing stream too but have just tested this one and it seems to work beautifully. High quality and widescreen too.

Hope the rip does not hinder her bars tonight.

Anonymous said...

You can do it Loz, You have all of Australia Behined You!!!! tonight just hit, hit, hit, hit your routines and enjoy the experience


Cathy Haynes said...

Good luck Lozza! I'll be up at 4.30 cheering you on.
Love your blog by the way, you are doing a really excellent job of keeping us all informed.