Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rushmoor Rose Bowl Event Finals LIVE!!!

8:30pm Melbourne Time - MEZ GOES LIVE!

If you've got access to the stream, team warm-ups have begun!

Please excuse what will inevitably become a cascading waterfall of random observations, score updates and general gymfaffery. I'm be flicking between here and the feed, updating as fast as my fingers will allow me! I probably won't be able to read any posted comments at the same time but will certainly try!

I can see some WA girls in black with the silver/white mesh over the chest, and maybe two in the leo Lauren wore at Nationals AA this year? Dark green with the green-and-yellow flourish at the shoulder.

Must be the juniors in their leos already and doing what look like Vault warm-ups, because two girls in an Aus trackie (clearly Britt and... possibly Fiona? They're in synch) are taking it a bit slower on the floor.

Nat Joura definitely in black with mesh. Nikki Chung too?

Commentator remarks that Emma Collister and one Canadian girl are the only two girls in the whole competition to qualify for all four apparatus finals.

Britt and Emma C went 1-2 in the all-around final yesterday, he says.

Emily Little in the Lauren-Nationals-AA-leo.

Oh, hey Peggy. I didn't think you were there. Hiya.


They've been liberal with the apparatus final slots; there will not just be 10 finallists on each event. Three event finals will have 11 girls perform and one (not ndicated which) will have 12 girls perform.

This is gonna be a looooooong night!

Turns out it's not just gymnastics commentary hour but Vaudeville Banter Hour as well. Oh joy.

Aaawww, he gave a plug to Lauren and WAIS. I'll forgive him for the 'Dad jokes' then. Heck, I think I'll BE him in twenty years' time...

The camera angle changes! Away from floor we see the beam angle then the bars angle. Noice! Britt in pink and black leo.

Peggy chatting to a beam judge.

"Over 50 people" watched from around the world last night. Let's see what the view count is tonight, hey!

Fiona (I think) also in pink and black leo, sitting down, fixing strapping.

I spotted - not in the gymnastics sense!- Emma D on bars. Ankle weights on.

The competition area is cleared for march-in...

Weirdest, I-Think-I-Need-Context-For-That-One Remark of the Night: "I hope that's ice on your head, Vladimir!" (Floor manager man to DaddyJoura)

Awww yeah, the lights are dimming and we're getting pre-comp safety announcements.

*Have you familiarised yourself with the exits, muffins? It's ONNNNNN!!!*

Flags process out, lead by the Rushmoor flag.

Teams march out - WA in black, Australia in pink and black.


VT- Georgia Simpson
VT, BB- Nat Joura
VT - Ashley Cooney
VT - Nikki Chung

My feed keeps cutting out and jumping, hope I am hearing these right...

UB- Fiona
VT, UB, Reserve BB, FX - Emma Collister
Emma Dennis (my feed skipped, didn't hear her event)
VT, UB, BB, FX - Britt
UB - Feed skipped and I didn't hear. I assume Emily.

Vault: Ash Cooney

Yurchenko layout, one step back.

Beam: Britt.
Single Humphrey turn. I missed the skill she does into change leg split leap, I assume a front aerial.. BHS LOSO. Big chunk missed due to feed skipping. Wobbled on full pirouette. Roundoff, Double twist dismount, small shuffle. Nice otherwise.

AshVT 2: Piked Tsuk, one step back? Camera too far away (on the 'beam side' of the venue)

Nat Joura VT1: Yurch layout, a little flingy. Low chest on landing.

Nat Joura VT2: "Nice and safe" Straight front handspring

Georgia Simpson VT1: Yurch layout, near-stick!


Natalia Joura - Vault 2 - 11.200

Natalia Joura - Vault 1 - 12.400

Ashley Cooney - Vault 2 - 12.400

Britt Greeley - Beam - 13.000

Ashley Cooney - Vault 1 - 12.800

Georgia Simpson VT2: Ugh, this damn feed skipping. I missed it (this is going to be a recurring theme tonight)!

Nikki Chung VT1: Yurch layout, one step back. Nice height.

Nikki Chung VT2: (Edit) Straight front handspring, one small hop.

Britt VT1: Missed the whole thing save for the salute at the end, thanks to a jumpy feed. We're only two apparatus in and already I want to throw my laptop out the window.

Britt VT2: (Edit) Straight front handspring, one sizeable step forward.

Nat BB: Wobble on side aerial. BHS LOSO. Front aerial side somi (fall). Sheep jump. Something to back tuck, big wobble. Full pirouette. Split jump, wolf jump. Roundoff to single back tuck dismount. I may have missed some elements!

Emma C. VT1: I missed it except for the landing, one step back.

Emma C VT2: GREAT Front tuck handspring, slight hop forward

It's really frustrating when your feed skips while watching floor, you see the start of a run-up then a post-landing salute, so you've no idea how it went...

The coaches from the the different teams helps eachother out in adjusting the bars for the next girl. Ya gotta love solidarity through sport.

Emma C UB: Thought it was Emma Dennis for a sec! Lovely lines, nice straddled tkatchev. Good handstand work, quite a bit of distance on dismount, shuffle.

Britt FX: Maybe went OOB on first tumble? I only saw where she started her line of choreo after it and it seemed waaaaay back in the corner. Double tuck as second tumble, nice.

Commentator remarks that Britt barely had a breather between competing floor and marching to bars. Peggy says something jokingly like "Don't pity her! It's good for the fitness!"
The breaks in my feed are starting to really frustrate me, I may not last until the very end of the competition!

Emma Dennis UB - I missed if she put in the comaneci or not! Bit loosey-goosey on straddle jaeger but caught, giant full turn, giant, double front dismount (deep knee bend).

Rachel Collister UB: Jump from springboard to high bar. My feed missed both her first release (jaeger of some sort) AND her dismount! Overshoot to handstand, toe on giant on low bar, up to high bar (bit short, a near dead-hang), giant full... something skipped.

Fiona Coley UB: Jump over low to high bar. Straddle jaeger. A little loose in handstands but good work considering she was retired not so long ago! Reverse giant, double front dismount with one step forward.

Britt UB: Overcooks giant full, big arch, comes off. Gets back up, same problem, comes off. Slight leg separation on gienger. Comes off again over-arching a handstand! I missed the dismount.

Emma C FX: GREAT double arabian to open. Nice double pirouette. Stood up double pike to close. Really engaging music, something different to the old tango/jazz dross.

Aaaaaand the competition ends? That was quicker than I thought.

Nice coin-rolling game being played to amuse the audience, pass the time and raise money for charity while final scores get tabulated. Tracey P loses her coin!?

Dark blue medal podium, very nice, aaand the girls are asked to sit on the floor.


Scores at

VAULT: 6th Britt. 1st EMMA COLLISTER! Wins "a rose bowl, flowers, [medal], the full monty!"

BARS: 3rd Emma C. 2nd. Fiona 1ST EMMA DENNIS! An all pink-and-black podium!

BEAM: 2nd Britt!

FLOOR: 2nd Britt! 1st (by one tenth) EMMA COLLISTER!

It was a near Emma-quadrella (quadfecta?)

Congrats to all our medallists! Great job, and good luck in France!


mistysakura said...

Hi Mez :)

Anonymous said...

floor managing a gym comp is quite a nervy task so kudos to Rushmoor for setting this up

Anonymous said...

Hehe this commentator guy loves Vladimir Joura!

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed Emma isn't competing on beam after her great score yesterday....

mistysakura said...

Bahaha, I hope the girls do as well at gymnastics as they do at pumpkin carving :)

Anonymous said...

OMG get over Vladimir! lol

mistysakura said...

Ashley Cooney -- Tsukahara piked, good alnding, good distance
Nat J: Y layout, small step, slight pike down, good distance and direction
britt: super steady. Dropped leg in wolf turn mount. Front aerial. Switch leap, wolf jump. Flic layout. Side somi. Aerial roundoff. Full turn, wobble. Side aerial. Good double twist dismount. I think I forgot some stuff.

Anonymous said...

Britt grabbed the beam to stop falling off in the Humphrey turn hence the low score.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mez, great job on reporting as usual.

Mez said...

Say what you will about our bars lineups, our girls are KICK ARSE AT PUMPKIN CARVING.

*does some rock fingers*

And YES I am getting that on a shirt.

Anonymous said...

I think Britt's Y1.5 has been getting progressively worse over the past year

Mez said...

All I could tell after my feed skipped was that she must've had a big stumble or jump at the end of it.

mistysakura said...

Mm, Britt's vault had a large hop, and bent legs.

nade00 said...

It wasn't a good vault - low, bent etc. Natalia on beam - cool little mount, but wobble on nearly every skill, fall on front aerial + side somi connection, lacking extension in feet and poor posture. She seems to hunch forward quite a bit.

mistysakura said...

Um, correction for all "handspring layout"s -- handspring layouts have a salto. All the girls have performed regular handspring vaults so far. Natalia BB: aerial roundoff (wobble). Flic layout (wobble). Front aerial to side somi (fall). Nice sheep jump. Switch leap, back tuck. full turn (wobble). Split jump, wolf jump (solid). Single back tuck dismount, small hop.

Mez said...

Sorry. I'm rubbish at identifying vaults (also: bars)


Anonymous said...

wooo huge front tuck for Collister on vault. Produnova anyone?

nade00 said...

It's such a stark difference between the tactics of WAIS and Waverley on bars. The WAIS girls were doing much harder routines with stalder fulls, toe fulls, endos and connecting their skills, whereas Emma Collister only really has 4 useful skills in her routine - nail HS, tkatchev, giant full and dismount. Yet Emma hits cleanly and WAIS counted something like 6 falls in their bar rotation yesterday. I don't know which is better at junior level, to get them to attempt harder routines under pressure, or do easier routines and hit them.

lovegym99 said...

Congratulations to Nikki Chung on a superb Junior International debut. It might take a little while but I think she is going to do very well.

Anonymous said...

sorry to take the attention away from the girls, thats why i havnt posted this comment in Laurens space but i have heard rumours that Amber Fulljames has retired??? someone please clarify!