Thursday, October 15, 2009

Little People, Big World (Championships)

Good luck, good luck, good luck!
We're so excited for you!
Big love from everyone back home.

Just a reminder that you can send 'get well' messages to Shona Morgan via and they will be forwarded to her. I will also include messages that have been left on Comments pages here. You can remain anonymous if you would like but it would be nice to know what city, state or country you're writing from.

You can also follow the live WCSN webstreams at the following times:

Men’s All Around Final (LIVE) - Fri Oct 16th from 4.30am
Women’s All-Around Final (LIVE) - Sat Oct 17th from 4.30am
Individual Apparatus Finals Day 1 (LIVE) - Sat Oct 17th from 10.55pm
Individual Apparatus Finals Day 2 (LIVE) - Sun Oct 18th from 10.55pm

(All times are AEDST. See GA for information about how to register for, and view, the streams)

I don't think I'll be staying up for women's AA but I will get up early on Saturday morning to try and keep up before the competition ends.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! What a pretty team.

Regarding Shona: Brisbane Times have some quotes from Jane's a dislocated knee. Serious ouchiness there.

"She's OK but she has a serious knee injury," Allen said.

"She should be OK once she has some proper treatment."

Get better soon, Shona! We love you!

Anonymous said...

what site are you getting these pics from?

Mez said...

The competition ones are from various news sources (Yahoo, Getty etc). Gym forums have got dedicated sub-forums and threads to photos from the event as they crop up.

The photos here are from Google Images and Gymnastics Australia respectively.

Anonymous said...

Is that pic of prash actually from worlds? Did I miss that he medalled?!

Mez said...

No, sorry, false alarm. It's an old one. It was the only photo I could find of just him with his coach.

Event finals are not until this weekend.