Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Follow Me To London

Or don't.
I've got... y'know... shiny stuff about the place to keep myself distracted. I don't mind.
No no, go on. I'll wait.

So here we are, my lovely hirsute ones. London is calling louder than ever, Worlds are (is?) pretty much upon us!

Here's where my job gets stressful again. And by 'job' I mean 'sitting in my pyjamas between actual work shifts' and by 'stressful' I mean 'typing at a slightly faster rate than normal'.

There is a number of ways you can follow the event. I will do my best to keep news, results, photos and general observations coming through here and over at Twitter (link below right). Of course, I really can't be everywhere at once, especially when I work long hours during the week.


* Official Event Website

* Facebook Look for "2009 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships" and join the group. Some smashing pre-event photos are up already as accreditation gets underway.

* Gymnastics Australia's updates

* Gymnastics Results

* International Gymnast online

* Forums such as WWGym, GGMB, theallaroundforum... where ever you feel like stopping by.

I'm sure Twitter with explode ever so slightly with trended hashtag topics during the event so try things like #gymnastics #worldchampionshipslondon or #(athlete's name) and see where you land.

Thanks everyone for your support of the Aussie teams so far. We wish them a safe and happy journey to and around London and, of course, the best competition they could hope for.

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