Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Front Page News!

She touched down today and I''m told she got a rousing reception. Apparently there was much more media present than expected!

Mitchell returned home to Perth today and says she's determined to win gold in 2012.

"I was 0.1 [points] away from getting gold on floor, and I was 0.2 away from getting gold on beam, so really it's nothing," she said.

"I'm ready for the gold."

The coverage continues with this pic of her at the airport. I like to caption it, "Muuu-uuum!"

You can also see video of her hero's welcome here. Liz C looks as chuffed as Lauren's parents. Many thanks to The West newspaper for the coverage and WA native Brindabella for pointing it all out. I'd kill to be a Perth-ian right now!

She also featured in today's Sunrise sport report here.

Anyone watching tonight's gym broadcast (MAG AA, EF Day 1 on Foxtel) might be interested to know that it is shown with the BBC commentary team (or, at least, the throaty-sounding older guy from the BBC team) but this morning when it was shown, we had the Universal team!


GA have put even MORE coverage of Lauren's home-coming!

They have plenty of photos up and even reveal:

World championships silver medallist Lauren Mitchell, returned home yesterday to the cheers of her WAIS training partners and the Australian gymnastic community.

In a moment of weakness, Liz Chetkovich (WAIS Gymnastics Program Director), allowed members of the WAIS gymnastics program to miss their scheduled afternoon training and head to Perth airport to welcome home their very own world silver medallist - Lauren Mitchell.


I have a feeling Lauren's medal wins are the start of something big!


Speaking of big things to come, the VWHPC website has a photo up of the European Tour team.

Back row L-R: Natalia Joura, Nikki Chung, Fiona Coley, Emma Dennis, Ashley Cooney, Jamison Ruscoe
Front Row L-R Emily Little, Britt Greeley, Rachel Collister, Georgia Simpson, Emma Collister


Anonymous said...

LOL! Like my outdated bedspread?


Mez said...

I have one similar, only it's ONE MASSIVE SUN and not little ones ;)

Thanks for the scan!

Anonymous said...

lol looks familiar .. my sister has the same one

Anonymous said...

Gosh that has to be the worst timed photo in history on that ABC page! Lucky we love her all the same!


Anonymous said...

Lauren got a 30 second spot on every TV station here in Perth being hugged by family and the little WAIS girls, who went out to the airport instead of training today. More coverage than we got for the olympics anyway.

Anonymous said...

Everyone keep your eyes peeled for pics!

Anonymous said...

They showed her arriving back at Perth Airport in the sports segment of the Today show this morning too.

Anonymous said...

i was thinking how remarkable the AA results to these worlds panned out similarly to worlds in 2005. USA gold and silver, and then 3rd and 4th places were batted out by gymnasts from "emerging nations". silver medallist from WOGA. in 2005 it was monette 3rd and beth 4th. it goes to show beth's longevity - she's been competing since 2002 - I can remember her floor routine in 2002. She has come a long way. Lauren was remarkable at these worlds. I do hope she continues to do well leading into 2012.

Mez said...

Sunrise, too! Hurraaaay!

She looked so happy.

shelley said...

The one morning I sleep in Lauren is on Sunrise?!!??!

Can anyone post a recording?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I missed it too so if anyone has a vid I'ld be much obliged.

I'm still riding the high from worlds with all these Lauren articles from around the nation. Great to finally get some recognition. Two silvers was great but it could've been two golds just as easily.

Anonymous said...

does anyone have a clip from sunrise/today? I'm really sad I missed it :(

nade00 said...

you can watch it here:


In the Sunrise sports headlines vid.

shelley said...

The photographer who sold that image of Lauren to the ABC must be laughing his head off.

I have not seen a more poorly timed photograph.

Surely they could have selected one at full flight in her change ring or at the very least a posing one.

Sheesh, way to make a gorgeous gynast look bad.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that Sunrise bit is exactly what we saw in Perth on the news last night. They also had a bit where she was interviewed saying what Mez has written in this entry.

So awesome to see the media getting behind her!

She scored another almost full page article in The West Australian today!


Anonymous said...

For those who haven't heard, also sorry if someone has mentioned it but. Yuri from Russia who placed third in the mens AA sadly was killed in a car crash upon his return from the world champs. Tragic news.

Anonymous said...

That is horrible news about Yuri. What a tragedy. So very sad for his family and the gymnastics world.

Mez said...

Yes, I read that this morning. It's incredibly sad, a loss for his family and friends as well as the gymnastics community at large.

You can become a fan of Ryazanov at Facebook and celebrate his life with fellow fans.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree, Brinds, that is THE worst timed photo in the whole world. Gosh...use a stock photo or something in preference to that!

Anon @ 7.45am...remember Beth hitting her nose (maybe breaking it?) on uneven bars at Canberra Cup? At that stage, she didn't really look like she would become the amazing and innovative bar worker she has become...I think it was the 2002 CWG title that gave her the assertiveness that she shows on that apparatus today.

Here's hoping Lauren's medals have the same effect on her for beam and floor. I have a feeling they will!


VERY sad about Yuri. Something that was meant to be such a time of celebration, turned to such tragedy.


Anonymous said...

Lol, Brinds! I had that fabric as couch covers for a while in my old house. It was a phenomenon!

Regarding the online broadcasts and the Foxsports coverage -- was the Universal commentary the same as the commentary we could get through Gymnastics Australia and WCSN? My computer is too slow for that, but I'd love to hear an Aussie commentator reacting to Lozzie's win!

Mez said...

They have been alternating between a member of the BBC commentary team and the Aussie/UK Universal team.

EF broadcast this morning had the Aussies (Tracey very happy with Lauren's wins, and the male co-commentator makes reference to Larrisa), Men's AA on right now has a male British commentator.

I find it interesting that they've cut the AA down to half an hour (3:00-3:30 men's on now, 7:00-7:30 women's tonight) but have shown all of apparatus finals...

Anonymous said...

as mucch as i love this group of girls there appears to be a missing face. where is amber fulljames?

but GGGOOOO team aus go

Anonymous said...

fox sports 3 i think has day 2 of apparatus finals on NOW!!
GO GO GO!!!!!
just missed lauren's beam :(

Anonymous said...

I hope one day our team is

Georgia Wheeler
Georgia Simpson
Georgia Bonora
Georgia Rose-Brown
Georgia Kokotovic


Anonymous said...

wow she got that much attention for two silver medals?

Wow is all I can say. That is amazing. Here in the US gets no coverage and certainly not a front page article.

Mez said...

Anon at 1:14... I like your thinking!


Anonymous said...

Hi, anon @11.40.

I think the reason we are all so excited by the level of coverage for Lauren is that gymnastics in Australia never, ever, ever (well, hardly ever) gets ANY decent coverage, even when the team does well. And if there IS a tiny snippet on the news, it is tucked in after the football, golf, soccer, motor sport, cricket, tennis, etc, etc.

BTW, that front page article is for Lauren's local paper...not a daily national.

Still great!

Anonymous said...

It was a state wide newspaper though. And I'm sure, just like you can buy eastern states newspapers at select locations in WA, you can buy The West Australian in select locations in the eastern states. Since it happened after The Weekend Australian went to press I'll be interested to see if this weekend there is anything in The Weekend Australian about her - though it could've just as easily have appeared in The Australian on Monday or Tuesday, but I don't buy it then so I wouldn't know.

Lauren is the flavour of the month in Perth right now, and I was actually just thinking the other day that I think we shouldn't be scared to hope for one or two magazine features in the next few months! You never know!

Anon @11.40 - let me assure you, gymnastics in the US gets 400000 times more publicity and coverage than it does in Australia. For sure. At least they televise a bunch of meets every year for you. At least a small portion of people know who the US gymnasts are. At least the US gymnastics events get major corporate sponsorship and have the ability to rake in a crapload of money for the gymnasts. NONE of that happens in Australia.

Anonymous said...

In case any of you cant get the live streaming.. here is a link which give live scores :http://www.gymdata.co.uk/index.asp