Sunday, October 25, 2009

La Vie en Rose Bowl

Hi all.

Apologies for not having covered this meet as fully as I could have.

I do have some updates for you all from Camp 'Straya and some info regarding access to the live video.

Many thanks to the Aussie team parent who kindly asked the technician at Rushmoor about it.

There were initial security concerns about making the stream location known to those outside of participating families and friends, but they're basically ok now with people registering, and would like to make it known that it was NOT their intention to entirely exclude the general public from viewing the feed.


Go bananas!

Head to and register to view the Rushmoor stream. You WILL need to list the name of a participating athlete or club ("Western Australia" or "Waverley, Australia" or just "Australia" would be best I guess?) as part of registration though there are no further checks beyond this. Do so as soon as possible because the stream for today's competition starts at 6pm our time!

Now, to last night's competition proper.

Team Aus proved to be the most experienced (competiton and travel-wise) team in there, despite appearances.

That said, the Western Australia team (WAIS girls + Rachel Collister) did not have the best competition with falls on bars and some on beam, yet they did win their session. Rachel was 'promoted' to the Senior team because Emily L had a bad fall on bars (slipped off a reverse giant and landed on her head, eeek!) which must have been scary for all to see! Fortunately she was not as bad as feared and was seen walking around with the team later. Rachel's answer to the call of duty was commended by all.

Team BEERF brings home the goods

Emma D is through to bars and beam finals but for personal reasons may only compete one of the two. This remains to be decided.

Big love to all our girlies and we wish them a happy and healthy second day of competition.

Thanks to those who covered the stream in the wee small hours (Nade and an Anon?), again I am sorry not to have been there watching along with you.

Tonight will be a different story!


Anonymous said...

Is the comp on tonight or tomorrow night?

Anonymous said...

tonight - i think it starts at around 9.30

nade00 said...

Yay! They moved the camera!

I see Peggy barking instructions now.....

Mez said...

Does the commentator keep dropping in and out for you?

I mean, I know he stops talking every now and then, but he often skips or drops out mid-sentence...

Anonymous said...

Why do you have to be so nasty? "Peggy barking instructions", that is her job. How would you like someone, who knew absolutely nothing about your job, to scrutinize you and every move you made? I don't think you would appreciate it much. I am sure she "barked" the same advice to Lauren last week at the O2 arena.