Sunday, October 18, 2009

MAG/WAG Event Final Day 1 Round-Up

Woop woop woop woop woop woop woop woop woop!

Prashanth Sellathurai joins an exclusive club of Aussie gymnasts that have medalled twice at World Championships - Monette Russo (2003, 2005) and Philippe Rizzo (2001, 2006).

Read about his reaction here.

And see a video interview with him here! Thanks, GBtv!

Larrissa Miller is to be commended for her inspiring and exciting bars performance. I nearly up-ended my laptop from my knees in joy when she stuck her dismount. It was worth the late night sitting-up-in-bed vigil! To do it once is great but to do it twice, and when the pressure's on, is phenomenal. Quick hits have repeatedly referred to her as "crisp", "neat" and having "nice lines". Many other bars workers could sit up and take notes from Larrissa. She and her coaches should be very proud of what she achieved.

Two r's. Two s's. Two l's. ONE classy young lady.


Anonymous said...

That's a crazy cool shot! I almosy yelled out "stick!" during her dismount though it being the wee hours of the morning here in Melb kept me quiet.

What an amazing effort from Larrissa. I must admit I was perplexed by her original selection but I 100% stand by Peggy's choice. To think that if she had received credit for her over shoot she would be a world medalist right now. Austrlaia really needs a world class bars worker and it looks like we have one. I'm interested in seeing if Larrissa becomes more of an AAer in upcoming years. Onwards and upwards!.

Anonymous said...

Well done Larrissa! She looked absolutely stunning, love that leo! It was said at the end that she has more skills to put in her routine but wasn't ready for Worlds. It can only get better!!

Anonymous said...

Vids of the UB final (BBC coverage and commentary?)HERE!

I loooooove how the commentators all wax lyrical over Larrissa's lines (justifiably, imo).

Congrats Larrissa for a fab performance!

shelley said...

Love the video of Larrissa.

One small point....did anyone else notice the slightest tinge of red in her hair as she left the podium?

Another fabulous Aussie redhead (well almost!)

Step It Up: said...

So who thinks she might become the new 'Olivia' and be an auto selection from now (bar injury) on her Bars alone. Then hopefully her other apparatus will just be a team bonus if she can get the good as well.

Glad to see another QLDer can a) do fab Bars like Shadbolt, Rebecca Wilson in yrs past and b) can stick her dismounts like Skinner!!